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The Evening Rush for Thursday, February 28, 2013

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The must-read news stories for February 28, 2013: Joliet's alleged necrophilia murders, Groupon ouster, and bidding the pope adieu


Can you necro-feel-ia the love?
On the surface, it appears to be your typical girl-who-has-necrophilia-fetish-meets-boy-who-allegedly-killed-two-people-so-they-could-have-a-threesome-on-top-of-the-bodies fairy tale. But the whole thing comes unraveled when you throw in, well, the "killed-two-people" part. Police aren't saying much at all about the heinous crime because they don't want to cause any ruckus that will interfere with their investigation. Those mugshots, however, will linger for a while. See you in my nightmares. [Sun-Times]

Shakeup at Groupon
Andrew Mason is out as Groupon CEO, the company announced earlier this afternoon. In a candid, humorous exit memo to employees, Mason compared his career there to Battletoads, an old video game, and ask for fat camp recommendations. [Sun-Times]

Pope-us interruptus
After an exit worthy of Michael Jackson -- long white coat, helicopter ride, motorcade and balcony speech to an adoring crowd -- the pope is now not the pope, and we're all about to become sick of hearing the word "conclave." [Sun-Times]

All the president's hit men
Legendary journalist Bob Woodward claimed he received a threat in an email from the White House (specifically White House Economic Council Director Gene Sperling) though it seems like it's little more than a pissing match over opinions on the sequester debate. [Gawker, Politico]

Sizzlin' Cicero
I am shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- to hear there's already an alleged investigation into voter fraud and intimidation connected to Tuesday's election in Cicero. [Sun-Times]

Victory for women
Common sense has prevailed in the House of Representatives, which finally got its act together and passed the Senate's version of the Violence Against Women Act instead of the originally proposed neutered House version that the GOP congressmen had cobbled together. [NY Times]

CTA: Complicating Transit Authority
The first 10-plus day shutdown of the Wells Street Bridge kicks off at 10 p.m. tomorrow, during which time most of your commute on the Brown Line will involve sheer luck and the mercy of your preferred deity. [Sun-Times]

Mississippi hurting
A sad, tragic story unfolding in Clarksdale, Miss., where the death of Marco McMillian, a gay African-American candidate for mayor, has been ruled a homicide. Police haven't revealed many details but do say a "person of interest" is in custody for questioning. [WaPo]

Daley breaks silence
Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley penned an op-ed for Britain's Financial Times -- as opposed to, say, any media outlet in the United States, let alone the City of Chicago -- voicing his support for stricter gun control. [Chicagoist]

FLOTUS momentous
First lady Michelle Obama was in town today to promote physical fitness for schoolchildren, well-timed with a new study that claims one in four CPS students is obese. [Sun-Times, Sun-Times]

Everyone is racist
Business Week made some very questionable artistic choices for its newest cover. [Slate]

As The Worm turns
The fact that Dennis Rodman is the former Bulls player who went to North Korea and has seemingly struck up a new bromance with Kim Jong-un actually makes sense when you think about it. Or it doesn't at all. The whole thing gives me a headache. [ABC News]

The bright one
Thomas Frisbie takes a deeper look at the message from businesses to the state legislature in regard to pension reform. [Sun-Times]

Think you're a pop-a-shot legend? We've got one heck of an event for you so get your stroke going. [RSVP]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally
Mars may get slammed by a comet in 2014 -- because it's Obama's fault. [Slate, Thanks, Obama]

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