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The Evening Rush for Friday, February 8, 2013

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The must-read news stories of the day from around the Web for February 8, 2013.

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Then-congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife, then-alderman Sandi, cast votes in the 2012 primary. AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Signed, sealed, to be determined
Just days after the Sun-Times' Michael Sneed broke news that former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was working with the feds on a plea deal that could involve jail time, reports broke today that Jackson signed the plea deal earlier this week. Sources told the Sun-Times the investigation is still ongoing and indicated that Jackson may have failed to "protect" wife Sandi meaning she could be left twisting in the wind when her turn to dance with the feds comes. [Sun-Times, NBC 5]

Attack Poodle Walsh
It's been a while since anyone heard from former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh and everyone was happy. But happiness never lasts forever: Walsh took to Twitter to blast FLOTUS Michelle Obama for her decision to attend Hadiya Pendleton's funeral in Chicago this weekend, saying, in part, "I guess the other 553 murder victims didn't break her heart." [DNA Info; @FreedomWalsh]

Auditor General DUI Blues
Illinois Auditor General William Holland was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Springfield earlier this week. [Sun-Times]

Rahm Seeing Red
Mayor Emanuel is cracking down on the Australian company who currently has a contract for Chicago's red light cameras after shenanigans involving the former city official who oversaw the contract - including paying for a trip to the Super Bowl - came to light which is shocking because if ever there was a city that would never have any kind of back-scratching contract tomfoolery in city government, it's Chicago. [Tribune]

Pritzker problem pending?
With sources reporting that Penny Pritzker is the front-runner to be nominated by President Obama as the next commerce secretary, union leaders are girding themselves to potentially raise a ruckus over allegations of mistreatment of union workers at a hotel chain owned by the Pritzker family. [Wall Street Journal]

Say "awww"
Going to the dentist is bad enough; going to an illegal dentist is even worse. [Sun-Times]

Studying the ancient arts
The Newberry Library has received $600,000 to join three other libraries in the U.S. that "teach students and scholars how to read documents written by hand in the romance languages." But dotting the 'i' with a heart is still discouraged, Mayor, so knock it off. [Crain's]

Crash, smash, bushwhacked
It was a prolific day for "cars crashing into buildings" around the area. [Sun-Times, Sun-Times]

I still blame FEMA
It turns out the piece of equipment that failed and allegedly caused the big power outage during the Super Bowl at the New Orleans Superdome is produced by a manufacturer right here in Chicago. Let this be a warning, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: while you can prove a power surge, you can't prove voodoo so leave the Saints alone. [ESPN]

Just leave Favre out of it
A Chicago Bears fan called a former Packers cheerleader ugly. The story is about as ridiculous as it sounds. [CBS 2]

The Bright One
Dave Hoekstra and Jon Sall made the cold trip out to Iowa with a group of Chicagoans who make an annual pilgrimage to the site of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. Come for the homage, stay for the Gary Busey cameo. [Sun-Times]

The manhunt for a former Los Angeles cop accused of several murders continues in an expanded area [L.A. Times]; The Northeast awaits the brunt of the big blizzard and the snow tallies are still predicted to soften Boston's inferiority complex with New York City [AccuWeather]; It seems private emails and files of the Bush family were accessed by hackers recently, confirmed when they found an email from former president George W. Bush to TBS berating them for pulling reruns of "Mama's Family" off the air. [The Smoking Gun]

Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra.

And finally
The Onion's latest victim: Alabama. Again. [Romenesko]

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