Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day.

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Brian Jackson/Sun-Times

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for December 6, 2012.

• State Senator Donne Trotter's bond was set at $25,000 the day after he tried to get through an airport security check point with a gun and bullets because a State Senator not only needs to protect himself at all times even after he's voted against a conceal-and-carry bill, but also because that's just how he rolls and what would those downstate punks think if he didn't have his pistol? [Sun-Times]

• Steve Bogira takes a look at the city's de facto segregation and the way it affects those wounded by shootings. [The Reader]

• City Hall is about to undergo $12 million in renovations and then Mayor Emanuel will have to decide whether to Love It or List It. [Sun-Times]

• Senator Mark Kirk, absent from D.C. since his stroke last year, has set a return date of January 3, 2013. [CBS 2]

• Illinois students' vocabularies are around the national average, gooder than other states like Arkansas and West Virginia who no speak as unbad as us. [Sun-Times]

• County property taxes going back 20 years are being made available online meaning you can see how much you'd have to pay for that house around the corner you've had your eye on but know you'll definitely never be able to afford now. [Crain's]

• Dearborn Street is getting some spiffed up bike lanes that don't really matter because drivers will still be awful. [WBEZ]

• A Northwestern player may become only the second D-1 player in history to wear his yarmulke on the floor. Even money says an ESPN anchor narrates his highlight dunk with a shout of "Mazel tov!" [Sun-Times]

• Best wishes to our own Roger Ebert who's recovering from a recent hip fracture. Get well, Roger, and catch up on Duck Dynasty if you can. [ABC 7]

• BRIGHT ONE: Mark Brown takes umbrage with the IHSA's decision to block three Sudanese students from playing for Mooseheart High's boys basketball team. [Sun-Times]

• COMMUTE: Sudoku; Weather: ew; Transit: looking Blue

• FINALLY: Yet again, life imitates The Simpsons as Florida institutes its own "Whacking Day." [SunSentinel]

Chloe Murray races a present to the sorting table where her fellow 6th grade students will rush it over to the proper room to be bundled for a needy school in Chicago at Hickory Creek Middle School | Joseph P. Meier / Sun-Times Media

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for December 5, 2012.

• A judge has ordered music website Pitchfork Media to hand over video of Chief Keef making the good decision of going to a gun range and handling a gun, all while on probation for charges stemming from the other good decision he made of pointing a gun at a police officer. Lest we forget, Keef still has a pile of money to shoot dirty Instagram photos on thanks to the record deal that's not going anywhere because, again, good decisions. [Sun-Times]

• State Sen. Donne Trotter was arrested when he tried to go through an O'Hare security checkpoint with a gun and bullets. Trotter says it was an accident as he had been working the night before at his other job as a security guard. The Good Decisions Train rolls on... [DNA Info]

• Mayor Emanuel is not backing down from his promise to station police armed with automatic weapons outside of funerals for gang members because that's a totally normally thing to do and Supt. McCarthy is doing a heckuva job and there's no crime problem why do ask shut up. [Sun-Times]

• The CTA hates the way you jam your stroller on the bus and train just like the rest of us. [RedEye]

• A new poll shows Illinoisans favor same-sex marriage and oppose a pardon for Blago proving that occasionally sanity reigns. [Sun-Times]

• The War On Christmas doesn't care about Charlie Brown. It claims whatever victims it wants. It gives absolutely zero cares about the damage it does to the world's children. [FOX News]

• How Streeterville got its name. [WBEZ]

• Gift guide: 11 books about Chicago, by Chicagoans. [Sun-Times]

• RIP Dave Brubeck [Tribune]

• BRIGHT ONE: With the pope on Twitter, Neil Steinberg wonders What Would Jesus Tweet and if the son of God can give us a follow-back! [Sun-Times]

• RUSH HOUR: Sudoku; Transit: Green Line delays; Weather: meh; Traffic: the usual

• FINALLY: Looking back, we had no idea that teaching dogs to drive would lead to humanity's downfall. [The Daily Mail]

Josh Cunningham of Morgan Park flies in for a shot against Notre Dame. | Patrick Gleason~For Sun-Times Media

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for December 4, 2012.

• Chicago Public Schools released its findings on the number of children in each school, figures that will help determine which schools will be closed or consolidated after the CPS ignores the pleas of parents. [Sun-Times]

• Mayor Emanuel's digital billboard plan got the rubber stamp approval from his minions was approved by the City Council. [WBEZ]

• Speaking of Mayor Emanuel, he doesn't care about the head of a firm with a big O'Hare contract being tied to the mob because the idea of such a thing happening in Chicago, of all places, is just preposterous. [Sun-Times]

• This year's New Years Eve penny rides on the CTA will be free this year, covered by beer megacorp MillerCoors though given the quality of the CTA lately, Malort would have been a better choice. [RedEye]

• A bill to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain state driver's licenses sailed through the state senate today. [Sun-Times]

• Former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica was sentenced to four months of court supervision after being found guilty of criminal damage because he defaced campaign signs of his opponent in the 2010 election which Peraica lost. Let this be a lesson to other politicians: keep arguments with opponents confined to the bottomless pit of despair that is the Internet, where they belong. [Sun-Times]

• The city has quickly reached an agreement with the bartender beaten by former Chicago cop Anthony Abbate so it can ask the presiding judge to set aside the ruling a jury recently made. [CBS 2]

• It's like Yelp!, except for dirty massage parlors! [CSJ]

• NPR has a fantastic feature about renowned local reissue label Numero Group and its numerous compilations which any of you should feel free to buy me for Christmas. [NPR]

• EVERYBODY PANIC!!!! Bears Edition as Brian Urlacher may be done for the year. [Sun-Times]

• BRIGHT ONE: Carol Marin, one of the three Sun-Times reporters who helped push the David Koschman case, shares why Christmas is no joyful time for Nancy Koschman. [Sun-Times]

• FINALLY: Stop Tweeting from the toilet. [France 24]

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