Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day.

The Evening Rush for November 30, 2012

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Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for November 30, 2012.

• Rejoice, ye Chicagoans, for yonder moat of despair - Wacker Drive - is completely open to thy masses once more. Go forth and drive. [Sun-Times]

• I've done worse for less. [Tribune]

• Former alderman William Beavers is accused of blowing campaign money gambling which is shocking because if history has ever taught us anything it's that gambling has never resulted in anything bad. [Sun-Times]

• As if Beavers wasn't enough, here's another example of Chicago just not trying anymore to be original in the scandal department: The owner of a firm involved in work at O'Hare has been connected to a reported mob figure. [Sun-Times]

• The winter parking ban goes into effect tonight so don't come whining to us about your tow fees. [WBEZ]

• Your guide to the "fiscal cliff" because Happy Friday, everyone! [Sun-Times]

• The WGN Morning News team was totally duped by the shooting of a scene for NBC's show Chicago Fire. I'd "LOL" more but hats off to the team who are not only self-aware but able to have fun at their own expense. [Gawker]

• Here come the next round of menus at NEXT. [Crain's]

• Jay Cutler was fined for taunting a Vikings' player last weekend when he tossed a ball at the player. $10,000 for the best thing Cutler has ever done? Small price to pay. [ESPN Chicago]

• BRIGHT ONE: Mark Potash sides with NBA commissioner David Stern in his clash with Spurs coach Greg Popovitch. [Sun-Times]

• TO DO: Sudoku; Weather (In a word: nice); Transit (Weekend work: Red Line bypasses on the North Side)

• FINALLY: Forget Mars: NASA has found organic matter on Mercury. Which is cute because we all know every planet is already inhabited by pandimensional beings that are biding their time before they descend from above and enslave us, laughing about they way they totally RickRolled us with those crop circles. [Gizmodo]

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