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Cubs' Marmol denies Twitter "spy's" claim

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The realities of living in an age where social media often blurs with news media hit literally at home for Carlos Marmol on Wednesday, when a casual meeting with his agents at his condo building turned into brief media firestorm hours later.

Marmol was caught off guard when asked to respond to comments published on a Cubs-related blog after someone claiming to be Marmol's neighbor admittedly eavesdropped on the meeting -- in a community lounge space -- and forwarded pictures and quotes to the blog.

The "neighbor" claimed the meeting was about efforts by the agents to get Marmol traded to get their client a clean start, and added that Marmol said he "can't wait" to get out of Chicago.

Never mind the fact the Cubs have tried and failed for more than a year to find a taker for Marmol - turning down the best chance they had when the Los Angeles Angels were willing to send $15.5-million pitcher Dan Haren for Marmol, if the Cubs paid all but $3.5 million of Marmol's $9.8 million salary.

Marmol said Wednesday's meeting was a routine visit, wasn't about baseball business, and he emphatically denied the comment the "neighbor" claimed he made.

"It's not true," said Marmol, who can be difficult to understand in English even when the context is clear and when not eavesdropping. "I don't want to go anywhere. I can't wait for [the Cubs] to do something so I can stay here. I love Chicago. I love being here. I love my teammates. I love everybody here. ...

"I feel bad, because this is not true. ... That did not come out of my mouth."

Marmol said one of the people he was with noticed somebody across the room taking pictures, but the group shrugged it off. He said he feels now he was being spied on.

"I don't know who's that guy or why he tweeted that," Marmol said. "It's kind of a joke. ... I don't know what to say."

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