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Rutgers-grad DeJesus glad hoops coach booted

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PITTSBURGH -- Cubs outfielder David DeJesus has never met Mike Rice, but the former Rutgers University baseball player is glad the school finally fired its basketball coach after cringing at the now-famous video showing the former coach abusing players during practice.

"It's really crazy," DeJesus said Wednesday a few hours after Rutgers fired Rice. "I know I've heard about, but then seeing those tapes, it's kind of disturbing that the guy's cursing at them and throwing balls at them.

"They made the right decision."

DeJesus, who now lives in Wheaton, doesn't get to his old campus much anymore, but he follows the football team as a "fair-weather fan" and follows his old baseball program online.

"When we're winning, like last year when we were going like 7-0, I threw a `W' on twitter once in a while," he said.

Rice's action definitely cuts against the grain of his school pride.

"They did their research," he said. "I'm happy that they came to the right conclusion."

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