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Cubs Barney on Phillips Gold Glove grousing: "It is what it is"

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MESA, Ariz. -- If Brandon Phillips wants Darwin Barney's Gold Glove so bad, he can have it as far as Barney's concerned - as long as Barney gets Phillips' playoff appearance in exchange.

Phillips, the flashy, talkative second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, has made a habit of grousing about losing the 2012 Gold Glove to Barney, most recently telling this week he thought he got "punk'd" when he was told Barney won.

``I can't make myself win the Gold Glove, even though I should have,'' Phillips told the website. ``When I didn't win, I was surprised. I wasn't mad at all, but surprised. I thought I got punk'd.''

Barney, who tied the major-league record for consecutive errorless games in a season (141), tries not to pay attention to Phillips' complaints but keeps hearing about them through friends and media.

``The thing is at this point it's interesting reading something like that because for me it's not about Gold Gloves right now,'' he said. ``It's not about myself. It's about the team and what we're trying to achieve this year.

Phillips, who has won three Gold Gloves, also told reporters that he believes managers and coaches who vote for the award snubbed him because they don't like his flashy style.

"I do it with flair because baseball is a boring game,'' he said. ``Do I think that's one of the main reasons I didn't win the Gold Glove? Yeah, I can say that."

Phillips tends to leave out Barney's record errorless streak, his range, better fielding percentage at the position (.997 to .992) and a defensive Wins Above Replacement number more than double Phillips' (league-leading 3.6 to 1.6).

``At this point next year if we've made the playoffs and given ourselves a chance to win the World Series that would be the last thing on my mind,'' Barney said. ``But I keep getting asked about it. It is what it is.''

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Am I the only one who reads these Cub blogs? Barney was not always one of my favorites because of his rather vulgar habit of chewing gum with his mouth wide open, but he improved in that action and made a believer of me by his outstanding defense. His attitude is exactly what it should be, and I hope his hitting improves enough that he will be the starter in the all-star game.
I'm beginning to look forwars to following the cubs again this year and think they are a tremendously improved team. If stewart and B.Jackson ( provide he can lay off of bad pitches ) can add some power, the Cubs should score a lot more runs this year. They have a couple of proven pitchers and some excellent ones with high potential , so they should be okay in that area in spite of how they decimated the pitching staff last year.

No, but you're probably the only person in recorded history to decide if you like a baseball player based on how he chews his gum...

Hey, someone else is alive out there, even though he's a cartoon character. I know. Judging by gum-chewing is inane, but early on he really annoyed meon close-ups, which tv cameras seemed to dwell on. happily he saw himself on television and changed his chewing approach at the plate.That did not improve his hitting any, but his defense sparkled between chews.

Wow.....Brandon Phillips might be the biggest b**ch in baseball, but considering who his manager is, this type of me-first-whaaa-whaaa attitude is to be expected out of Cincy. What a piece of s**t. I am pretty much starting to hate that organization more and more as each year passes. Everything from their stupid arrogant announcers to their mediocre baseball team pretending they are something they are not just sucks.

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