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Sveum calls blockbuster "once in a lifetime" trade

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Yes, Sveum was aware of the blockbuster trade/salary dump between the Red Sox and Dodgers that will send Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to Los Angeles in exchange for James Loney and prospects. Like Sveum, the former Red Sox coach, said: "It was hard to miss."

"It's one of those trades that come around sometimes once in a lifetime when a quarter [billion] dollars is exchanging hands," he said. "That just doesn't happen very often. It's a very unique trade and it benefits both teams."

Sveum was asked if the Dodgers clubhouse can hold all those egos.

"When you're getting down to one month left and you've got a World Series on your mind the last thing on your mind is egos when you can put that kind of team on the field every day."

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