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``Cubs Going in the Right Direction'': Ozzie Guillen

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Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen still has a special connection to the Cubs because of his long career with the crosstown White Sox. Rivalry aside, Guillen also is still a Chicagoan, and he believes the North Siders are making the right commitment to improve.
``They're going in the right direction, yes,'' he said Wednesday. ``I like what I see. I like the second baseman [Darwin Barney] very much, and the kid Rizzo-wow,'' he said of Anthony Rizzo. ``The shortstop [Starlin Castro] will be a superstar. Hopefully they put the right people around them.
``I know the general manager [team president Theo Epstein.] He knows what he's doing. He did it in Boston.''
Guillen, who has kept his permanent home in Chicago, said he wants to see the Cubs do well as well as the Sox.
``It'll be great for Chicago,'' he said of a winning Cubs team. ``We're tired of losing--yes, we. The fans here have been so good to baseball. They continue to support this team. But one championship in [100] years [between both clubs] and they still support baseball.''
Guillen often has said he doesn't like the outdated baseball facilities at Wrigley Field, but he understands the value and mystique of the old park to the franchise, and the city.
``If you're a tourist and you don't come to Wrigley Field, your visit is incomplete. It's a big part of the city and you can't deny that.
``I spend more time here than in Caracas [Venezuela, his native country]. My kids grew up here and I grew up here [in his career.] I can't say anything bac about this town.''

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