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``He's Ten Times More Excited''

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Everything about his debut with the Cubs should be positive for Anthony Rizzo--even if he doesn't get a hit.
The touted prospect already has learned what life's challenges really are. He went through treatment for lymphoma three years ago.
Cubs center fielder Tony Campana went through the same cancer of the lymph system when he was a child. It's a life experience they have shared but never really talk about to each other.
``Here and there, but nothing too deep,'' Campana said of discussing that experience.
``It humbles you, and that helps,'' he said of being a cancer survivor. ``He's in the eye of everything right now and he knows that, but that [experience] humbles you.
Campana did reach out to Rizzo Monday night after he arrived in Chicago.
``I called him and talked to him. He's a pretty funny dude and so I gave him a hard time. I know he's excited. He told me he's ten times more excited now than he was last year [when he was called up for the first time in San Diego.] That's awesome.''

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