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Sveum: Cubs' Clevenger ``valuable weapon''

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In addition to maybe two starts a week, Sveum said he envisions using lefty-hitting backup catcher Steve Clevenger in more late-inning pinch-hit situations such as Monday's ninth inning, when Clevenger delivered an RBI single.

``You've got to stay away from sometimes using him too early,'' Sveum said of his only backup catcher. ``But that's a nice asset on your bench to be able to use in that situation, because he hits velocity, and that's what his at-bats are going to be a lot of times. Pinch-hit at-bats are going to be off closers and setup guys.''

Clevenger, 26, was a seventh-round draft pick in 2006 who hit .308 in the minors with a .790 career OPS, before breaking into the big leagues last September.

But Sveum likes the converted infielder for a lot more than his hitting ability.

``One, he's a heck of a catcher. He receives well, he calls the game, he throws the ball extremely accurate,'' Sveum said. ``And then his left-handed bat. ... He's a valuable weapon.

``He's probably, if not the best, one of the best backup catchers in all of baseball.''

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Once Soto is gone would Clevenger take over and have the Wellington Castillo be the back up catcher? both catchers have starting talent. Or maybe would the cubs trade one of them away for a pitcher or something

Why is everyone dying to get rid of Soto? Neither of these guys are as good offensively as he is. If you think Soto sucks, look at what other MLB catchers hit. There's a reason Sveum refers to Clevenger as "one of the best BACKUP catchers"...

SO use him SOTO has been bad for 2 years ..

Bring up power and hitting in Jackson and other guy we sent down.. Trade BYRD

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