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Cubs' Castro ripped by ESPN's Valentine

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ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine spent a chunk of Sunday night's broadcast picking apart Starlin Castro's body language and apparent lack of readiness between pitches - even using a split screen to catch him digging for sunflower seeds and otherwise not being prepared to field his position as his pitcher began his delivery.

Valentine suggested it was something that needed to be ``addressed,'' and specifically by veterans on the team such as Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena.

But Cub manager Mike Quade, who has not shied from his own public critiques of his 21-year-old shortstop this season, said he didn't see a problem.

Castro made a throwing error in the fifth inning but it had nothing to do with preparedness.

``I'll have to talk to my infield people about that,'' Quade said of the criticism from a broadcaster who was open about his interest in the Cubs' managing job a year ago.

``The sunflower seed thing - guys stay loose, with sunflower seeds, whatever. I don't know,'' said Quade, who seemed to see much ado about nothing in the criticism. ``[Matt] Holliday must have been doing some seeds, too, when [Rodrigo Lopez and Castro] picked him off. ...

``I'll have to ask [my coaches] about that and maybe call Bobby and see what he saw.''

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This is a searing inditement of not only Castro, but the whole Cub coaching staff including Quade. I have never seen a MLB player with his back turned to the hitter while a pitch was being thrown! Then this moron is digging for seeds in his pocket as another pitch is thrown. He should be fined and benched NOW. Quade is the sorriest manager I have ever seen. This is tee-ball fundamentals and this nit-wit and his staff don't have a clue. Fire Quade now, tell the team this type of performance will NEVER be tolerated.

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