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The Legend of Crane Kenny and the Salty Home Run

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The rest of the story on that Jarrod Saltalamacchia home run that landed at the feet of Cubs' president Crane Kenney sitting in the Green Monster seats Friday night:

Kenney said the reason he didn't throw the ball back onto the field in Cubs' Wrigley tradition is because he knew that the road-tripping Purdue frat kid he gave the ball to planned to do it.

And then the kid did, even as his Red Sox-fan pal tried to hold him back from doing it.

Kenney said he'd talked to the kid earlier in the game, and the kid said he wanted to get a home run ball so he could throw it back.

In a moral-of-the-story side note: Unlike Wrigley, throwing objects -- including home run balls -- onto the field is forbidden at Fenway and punishable by ejection from the park.

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