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`Incognito' Quade takes train, walk to soak up first Opening Day as Cubs manager

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Mike Quade has said for months that he envisioned ``taking a moment'' today to soak in his first Opening Day as a big-league manager - but then figured to get right back to work.

Now that the moment is upon him, maybe it's a little bit bigger and worthy of more than a mere moment of reflection, he admits. Certainly, it's the most exciting opener of his long-and-winding baseball career.

``Oh, man. Yeah, yeah. As much as I downplayed it, yeah,'' Quade said a few hours before today's opener against Pittsburgh. ``My first trip to the big leagues in Oakland as a coach [in 2000] was pretty good. They mispronounced my name. Perfect. ... And I had three good years there.

``But it doesn't get much better than this, does it? It doesn't for me.''

Quade, who's staying downtown until his place closer to the ballpark is ready for moving in, has taken the ``L'' to the ballpark the last two days and been able to remain largely unnoticed.

``It's kind of fun to get on the train and come to the ballpark and walk to Wrigley incognito, and feel the excitement,'' said Quade, who smiled when asked how he's still able to blend into the crowd now that he's so high profile. ``I managed to do it for the last two days. With a face like this, you can put makeup on, you can put wigs on, hats - I can do anything I want. I just throw a jacket and hat on, sit in the back of the train and do what I do, and then keep my head down. And I almost have to do it. I don't want to be inundated on a day when I've got so much on my mind.

``But I can't help but try and get the flavor of the ballpark and the neighborhood, especially on a day like this. Now this day will come and go, and I'll still ride trains and do what I do.''

Seriously, why hasn't anyone in the marketing department come up with a advertising campaign built around this guy. Talk about a no-brainer.

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Nice omen having opening day washed out..loolololol, Went to 6 straight as a kid in the 70s.

I wouldn't watch live or on TV a single pro sporting event until these adult children and their billionaire bosses start handing back some of the trillions of dollars to the consumer like every other business across the globe today.

These people, celebs, crooked politicos and the illegal aliens on the field as far as I'm concerned in "bezball been berry berry good to me" can go scratch. They've bankrupted the US. How many of you out there knew dang well the players in the mid late 90's were juiced? And they didn't? My azzz...And now they catch up with Big HeadNoBalls Bonds finally. What A JOKE..

I spent my childhood through college in 83 playing baseball and since the strike, I freaking hate it and everyone in it for their whining and moaning and groaning when there's millions of us who would take their jobs in a second for a millionth of the money and play just as good, at least you could freaking understand me before and after the damn games. that I can promise you.

Hey Boycott Pro Sports, whine whine whine. You hate it so much, yet you spend the time to read the article and make comments. Go Away

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