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Kerry Wood fought a Cubs teammate -- but who?

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Sammy Sosa's smashed boom box, the date of the Ferris Bueller game, the pictures Milton Bradley had on Jim Hendry ... Now add this to the list of big Cubs mysteries:

Talking about the Cubs' most recent public dustup between teammates, Kerry Wood revealed Friday that he, too, once fought with a Cub teammate.

Of course, that's about all he revealed.

``It happens every year,'' he said Friday after pitching a 1-2-3 inning against Kansas City. ``I've been involved in them before when [the media] didn't even know about it. It happens. You never like to see it happen where anybody else can see it but it is what it is.''

Wait a minute, Wood in a fight with a teammate? Which one?

``You should have been there,'' he said, smiling.

When? What managerial regime? What era?

``Back when I played the first time,'' he said, smiling again.

No kidding. That narrows it to maybe a couple hundred guys from 1998 through 2008.

One of his catchers? Another pitcher? Sammy?

Who, where, when?

``I don't remember.''

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HEY cubbies I have Been a FAN for the Cubs All my Life Lets not make A GREAT team GO bad I would like to SEE @L@ the cubs Win The World Series This Year LETS GO out And WIN FOR HARRY CARIE AND ALL YOUR FANS thank you

Did the annual world-wide toast to Harry Caray (note the spelling "comment 1"), and continue to be surprised (pleasantly) at how many people still remember and appreciate Harry. One of the few announcers ever who could make a 14-1 game more fun than a 9th inning nail biter. More Cheers for Harry.

what do you mean win 1 f for Harry Carey? Boy you really must be young, the Cubs owe the world seies to a lot more people than just Harry Carey, what about Ron Santo, Ernie Banks , Billy Williams, Jack Brickhause,Fergie Jenkins, and what about all the Cub Fans who has back the Cubs year in and year out even way before the present day Cubs were not even born. I personally have been a die-hard Cub fan for 58 years, and there still are Cub fans that are alive today that have been die hard cub fans longer than me. These are all the Fans that deserve to have there Cubs win a world series. The time is now no longer wait till next year.

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