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Cowboy Up, Cubs! It's Millar Time

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Aside from the interest in Tiger Woods' so-called news conference, the biggest buzz in camp this morning revolved around former Boston ``Idiot'' Kevin Millar meeting the media this morning for the first time, strolling into the clubhouse with blond highlights, a Jack Daniels T-shirt and a black bat bag slung over his shoulder.

He talked about close pal Ryan Dempster, trying to win a job on the Cubs' bench, his experience with breaking ``huge curse[s],'' the value of team chemistry and whether is buddy Johnny Damon will sign with the White Sox (``I was with him all week last week,'' he said, adding, with a smile, ``There's a chance he could be on the other side [of town]. So we'll see what happens'').

Millar's thoughts:

On trying to win a job that might not even exist for his position: ``My goal is to come in here and just have a godo cmap and hopefully win a spot off the bench. And just to be a veteran and have some leadership qualities and do the best you can. You get caught up in the [roster] numbers and stuff, and it's tough, and it doesn't make sense sometimes. But, you know, it always works out. We'll see what happens''

On good chemistry that might have been lacking with Cubs last year: ``I wasn't here last year, but I spoke to Ryan [Dempster] a lot, and there's things that are missing on certain teams, and he feels this is a good spot. Being that I've played in a place like Boston and went through a lot of the same things - there was a huge curse there and the 86 years. It was every year was the year. I think you get a group of guys believing and you get a group of guys that don't worry about a lot of stuff but winning games ... We'll see what happens.''

On what positions the first baseman (with some time in left and right) might play: ``I'm 50 years old. Shortstop's out. Center field's out. But I can catch.''

On reuniting with former Florida teammates Dempter and Derrek Lee: ``Dempster and I - he's like a brother. When he got traded to the Reds [from Florida], I remember we were both crying. To have a chance to be back with Derrek Lee and Ryan Dempster, some guys you came up with - and we lost a lot of games together ... just to be back [with them] is awesome.''

On whether he'd play at Iowa if he doesn't make the opening-day roster: ``I don't even look at that. I'm here to make the club. Right now there's a great opportunity to make a team, and you go out there and prove that, hey, listen, you can do it, and then see what happens.''

On the ``Idiot'' label he gave his Red Sox team that broke the Curse of the Bambino in 2004: ``I'm going to have to think of something around here. But I've got to make the team first, before I start coming up with some nicknames.''


What would a good nickname for these guys be?

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