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Cubs consider GM meetings ``productive''

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Jim Hendry said he considers the just concluded general managers meetings at the O'Hare Hilton fruitful and said that the abbreviated format seemed to encourage even more dialogue between GMs than the usual spread-out, longer sets of meetings in the past.

But just how successful those meetings were won't be known until he finishes dumping Milton Bradley - presumably by the winter meetings in Indianapolis in less than four weeks - and knows how much of the $21 million left on that contract he has to eat, and what player he gets in return.

``We were real pleased with the meetings,'' said Hendry, who joined assistant GM Randy Bush in meeting with ``seven or eight'' teams Tuesday night just ahead of Wednesday morning's wrapup. ``We felt we got a little direction on the path we might want to go. It was productive.

``We'd like to make a few moves before Indy. Then it really clears up. We don't have a lot of quantity to add. We want to make a few adjustments.''

Hendry wouldn't get into specifics on players he wants to add or potential trade matches for Bradley. But according to sources in and around the meetings this week:

-- Although the Tigers have made all-star center fielder Curtis Granderson available in trade, the Cubs have not pursued that avenue. At least not yet. Granderson, a lefty hitter with a rare power/speed/fielding combo of skills, has three years and $25.75 million left on his contract, plus a $13 million option for 2013 (an $11 million commitment considering the $2 million buyout), so the economics would play a factor for the payroll-watching Cubs. But given the ideal fit provided by the Chicago-area native, conversations between the teams appear inevitable.

--Until then, the Cubs' next order of business appears to be finishing off a multi-year extension for free agent lefty John Grabow (likely two years in the $7 million neighborhood). Hendry resumed talks with Grabow's agent this week, and a deal could be finalized by early next week.

-- The potential for acquiring New York Mets' second baseman Luis Castillo (two years, $12 million left on his contract) might be a matter of how the winds change in New York on a daily or weekly basis - as in, whether the Mets ultimately decide they're adding or subtracting payroll this winter, which was anything but certain as the meetings closed. Either way, the Mets want no part of acquiring Bradley, so the only way a Castillo deal would involve Bradley is if it included a third team, either as a contingent partner in two separate deals or a bona fide three-team deal.

-- Despite the Cubs' search for a second baseman, they're not looking at Florida's run-producing 2B Dan Uggla.

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If Granderson is available go get him Mr. Hendry!!! What an addition that would be !!! and dump Bradley, hopefully with out eating much of his contract. Cubs in 2010 Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

Okay check this out even if Bradley produces the Cubs still have a problem so it's easy to blame all our problems on him. First off we need speed because Bradley added not subtracted like Soto did to us last year. Then again the big mistake that was made in giving Gregg the closers roll oh you forgot about that ? I'm find with us getting a ss too. No matter how much I like Theriot he's just not a ss he's the 2b and that's just the way it is period..... But if we can unload Bradley for something we need find let's do it honestly I'd rather count on Bradley than Fukodome in the cluch so what he had a bad year last year the fans didn't help we all no Chicago is only second to Boston as for racism but hey I won't play the race card though it is what it is.

Granderson should be a top priority no matter what it takes...he would be one of the biggest pick-ups since Derrek Lee! The Cubs' wish list would be fielder, left handed bat, lead off man, how could anyone else be more perfect???

Cubs must make it a priority to acquire Granderson. This solves 3 coveted needs- left handed leadoff centerfielder.
Lets go Hendry... work some magic

Granderson is a must have for this club. Hendry needs to do anything possible to obtain him for the reasons mentioned above. Even if it means trading prized prospect starlin castro. I have seen the story ends with the cubs prized "prospects". See Angel Guzman, Corey Patterson, and most recently Felix Pie. Overhyped and untradeable when Hendry is done with them. Trade him NOW Hendry while he is worth something! Oh, and maybe finding a few scouts that actually know how to locate talent might be beneficial before next years draft. Word.

Someone go check Grandersons splits, hes about as clear cut a platoon guy as you will ever see, even for his obvious talents fielding and running you might as well throw a pitcher up there for him against leftys, seems like a lot of financial investment for a platoon player ...

You people need to check what Granderson's done in his short career. He's only had one exceptional year with a .302 BA. He struck out a league -leading 174 times in 2006, the year the Tigers went to the WS. He has way too low a career BA and not that great a career OBP for a lead-off man, and waaaaaay too many strikeouts. He strikes out more than twice as many times as he walks. You want your lead-off hitter to take a lot of pitches and to get on base. That don't hapen wth Granderson. He's a great center-fielder, but is no lead-off hitter. Do you guys ever check stats or just go on the cubbie knowledge you all seem to have tons of?

As you can probably tell by my name, I'm a Tiger fan. I'm not hot on the idea of dealing Curtis, but it seems to be inevitable. And, if it's gonna be a trade, I hope it's to the Cubs because the Cubs were always my NL team. You guys are right. Curtis is NOT really a leadoff man, but I think he'd be a great middle-of-the-order man who would give the Cubbies power AND speed. All he needs is a better hitting instructor to straighten him out. The Cubs might have a package for a deal if they'd be willing to part with Castro, Vetters and Cashner. I think Dombrowski might go for it, maybe. If Hendry thinks it's too much, then the Tigers should back off because Granderson---with the right approach---could send the Cubs to the Promised Land.

Let's face it...the next couple of years are going to be bad with Soriano, Fukodome, and Bradley's contract eating the budget. Not one of them is a bona fide quality major league starter. My only hope is the future(Vitters, Castro, Cashner, maybe Guyer, Colvin, Thomas, Burke, etc.). I would be more than willing to be patient if the Cubs came out and said that we were building toward the future with the young guys. Do not load us up with more contracts we will wish we didn't have. I do not trust Hendry as far as I can throw him in this situation.

If the Cubs want to upgrade CF with more than a stop-gap (Cameron) or a journeyman coming off of a career year (Byrd), trading for Granderson is their best possible option. A deal for Granderson gives the Cubs the defensive presence they haven't had in CF since the 2003 edition of a young Corey Patterson (and their first complete package in CF since Brian McRae, prior to his abrupt decline). I think this should be Mr. Hendry's #1 priority, as a platoon of Fontenot and Baker is more than servicable and the rotation has the depth to absorb the loss of Lilly until mid-May. No acquisition is more important than CF for the Cubbies in their retooling for their 2010 push. Trading for Granderson shows the fanbase that the Ricketts family is sincere about wanting to win, and it sends ARAM the message that the club is committed to fielding a winner (His opt-out clause after 2010 could sink us if he chooses to use it). This deal needs to get done, even if Vitters, Colvin, and Fox are all a part of the package.

Hendry is horrendous at his job. I'll be shocked if Ricketts keeps this bum around.

The Tigers are not going to dump Granderson. The rumor is they are in cost cutting mode. Granderson's contract is not the issue. The only way the Tigers part ways with Granderson is if one of the Tigers bad contracts go with it (Willis, Robertson, Bonderman, Inge).

Will Granderson be even this so=so a hitter batting in front of the pitcher./ In the AL he bats with a hitter in the 9th spot, soooo. A NEED a quality starter with a 7 or 8 inning arm even when/if Lilly gets back [a complete game is out of the question}. Remember how the CUBS poop-pooped Woods and Prior's arms. Soto's head is the only thing bigger than the "joints" in puffs on. A catcher like Yorrealbo would be great with Hill as back up. Oh guys, when are the Roberts rumors gohng to start??????????????/

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