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Cubs can see clearly now ...

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What if the Cubs' Derrek Lee hadn't started slow the first five or six weeks of the season? He might have 40 homers and 120 RBIs and challenging Albert Pujols for the MVP award.

What if Milton Bradley was never signed by the Cubs? Considering they're 16-9 (.640) this season when he doesn't play, they might be on their way to a 104-win season.

And if Aramis Ramirez (14 homers, 61 RBIs in 76 games) hadn't been on the DL for two months? And if Tylver Colvin's 1-for-3-with-an-RBI debut means anything about his long-term big-league ability?

If, if, if. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

At least the Cubs have finally, clearly begun to lock their sights on making the most of next year and hitting the ground running toward actually contending again.

The callup Monday and start in center for Colvin - the Cubs' 2006 first-rounder - said as much.

And so did Piniella, who said after Monday's 10-2 win in Milwaukee that winning pitcher Tom Gorzelanny is on his team next year, either in relief or as a fourth/fifth starter.

And for next year's run production, who needs Bradley (40 RBIs)?

Lee's 34th homer of the season and two-run single in the first gave him 107 RBIs, matching his career high, and Ramirez also hit a homer in Monday's win - giving Piniella a view to a thrill as he looks at next spring.

``It's starting to set us up for next year real well with him and Ramirez in the 3-4 holes,'' Piniella said.

And there's still 13 games left to see what Colvin can do in the majors before next spring.

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Why has Jake Fox not been playing very often since the September callups arrived? I would have thought he would get more playing time in left field than Bobby Scales.

You better think about Zambrono before you decide to trade him too. Just don't go ahead and do it. Think first.

Yeah, what if Fukudome wasn't a colossal waste of $12M/year?

I believe the Baseball Gods, because they are fair and just, will require the Cubs to keep Bradley the next two years.

It is only fitting.

This team has spent money to try to win. Only thing they forgot was buying the team a heart, which it sorely lacks.

No chemistry.

No toughness.

No sense of urgency.

The Cubs!

Heck, that could be next year's advertising campaign.

No chemistry. No toughness. No sense of urgency. But we have Wrigley!
Come out and support OUR lovable losers. The Cubs!

Actually I think you, Gordon, are eaxactly the kind of negatively focussed Chicagoan Bradley was talking about. I read your articles and generally want to respond, but consider the source and don't bother. I do respond to other blogs and suggest that you might personally profit by reading how other bloggers maintain a level of objectivity and professionalism that your writing lacks.Bradley behaved foolishly at times, but no one played harder. Fans and sportswriters never gave him an even break. I do hope he is back next year with the Cubs and make people like you choke on the crow you'll be eating.

Cubs let me down again. Kinda getting use to that.

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