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Cubs say ``ouch'' but not ``uncle''

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Maybe the Ricketts-Tribune agreement will provide a little positive emotion going forward. Maybe getting home on Tuesday to open a long homestand filled mostly with also-rans will spur something. Maybe Carlos Zambrano's return from the DL Tuesday will do it.

But right now it doesn't look so good with 42 games for the Cubs - who lost a one-run game Friday night in L.A. because they (1) committed an infield error that led to the only runs the Dodgers scored, (2) watched both those score on a two-out double by the pitcher and (2) got exactly one hit all night.

``It gets painful watching this,'' manager Lou Piniella said.

``It's hard to be out there playing sometimes,'' shortstop Ryan Theriot concurred.

But more than a quarter of the season remains. And whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is starting to look like a matter of pain threshold.

``You stay positive and you continue to work and you know things are going to turn around - they can't get any worse,'' said Theriot, whose lone Cubs hit of the night was an RBI single in the third inning.

``Anything's possible. We haven't hit that hot streak yet. There's no reason to think we can't do it. We come together and start scoring some runs, anything's possible.''

Start scoring some runs? Huh?

Talk about optimism.

Already 13th in the league in batting, the Cubs are now hitting just .253. Already 10th in scoring, they've got just 530 runs in 120 games (4.4 per game).

Even one of the most spectacular catches of the season - Sam Fuld's home-run robbing, over-the-wall grab of a Manny Ramirez drive in the bottom of the eighth -- couldn't elicit anything more from the top of the Cubs order than a 1-2-3 ninth on this night.

``Obviously, it's a tough loss. You hate to lose games like that,'' said Fuld, who read the ball perfectly from contact. ``It would have been a sweet way to win to come back in the ninth there.

``Just seems to be the way things are going. We're losing tough games.''


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Is it too late to just put Soriano on waivers and let any team who will take him to free up money for next year. Anybody who thinks this dead team will come back is fooling themselves. I love the Cubs, but this team has been doomed from the start. We let our two best clubhouse guys go and didn't seem to even try to match the Cardinals moves. It's not that the Cubs have not spent the money. They just have spent it very poorly. So, don't blame the Trib for this one. And, don't think Ricketts deep pockets will help the Cubs unless he brings in a GM who can evaluate talent.

Cubs say ouch? What about the Cub fans? Ahhhhhhh, is what we're saying. Like burning shards of wood under our fingernails. Painful to watch? 80 years of it for my dad. I'm on 40 yrs myself. All of us Cub fans absolutely hope the Ricketts will finally stop the bleeding and the pain. That's what being a Cub fan is all about, hope. Hope, followed by pain. Mind numbing, searing, hot pain.

Why are none of the Cubs accountable for their play?

Why has Fuld sat the bench while strike out king Soriano and the below average Fukodome/ Bradley outfield play in front of Fuld?

Why was Fuld sent to AAA and why hasn't Aaron Milese be designated for assignment yet? The Cubs can't afford one more AB for Miles! Why isn't Blanco in his spot?

blah, blah, blah...
Over paid/under achieving athletes!!! Paid tons of money for the likes of Bradley, Sorryano, Fukudome (all hype!)!! A whack closer! Weak/chump free agent aquisitions (Gorzelanny? BJ Ryan? Miles?) and who knows who else Im leaving out of the list!
Players who swing at ALL pitches and have no patience and fail to get to the opponents bullpen! Cannot muster more than 3 runs for the likes of Lilly, Wells, Harden and Zambrano (all when healthy).
Ramirez, Theriot and Lee cannot do it all for the team. We have given away all farm players for these washed up chumps, and we cannot put some hits together! Guzman has not been steady enough, and Marmol has great stuff, but not the mindset to be a closer!
Our window of opportunity has shut! Time to put that cub jersey away and break out that navy blue/orange jersey!!!!

So the Cubbie's annual September swoon started much earlier this year. Anyone surprised ? It seems Mr. Hendry has no conception of what "club house chemistry" is. Mark DeRosa was a great team player, while Milton Bradly is all about,well, Milton Bradley ! If there is any blame to this season's debacle, it should be equally layed at the feet of Hendry, with props going out to MLB owners for not allowing Mark Cuban to purchase this wretched team. Cuban is proactive and as soon as he saw the problems on this team , HE would have been on the phone with other teams , looking for the pitching and hitting that this team seems to lack. Of course, he isn't the wizard, and can't give this tin man of a team a heart.

It's very depressing to watch all these players underachieving. Shouldn't Pinella take much of the blame. To stick with Gregg for so long, for so many blown saves, leaves me scratching my head. And to not make any moves of any significance before the trade deadline. The Cardinals spent some money and now they're 8 games up on the Cubs. It made me sick when Hendry let DeRosa go. And signing Bradley was just stupid. This season is on Pinella and Hendry. Most "contenders" don't go into the season without a closer. But it is what we've come to expect from the Cubbies.

LETS watch LOU tonight screwed the lineup and CUBS fans again. I dont want to even watch the game if SORRY and Badly or ontenot are playing..

LOU play Baker,Fuld,Fox,and Fuku or you will be losing a lot of Fans, and I hope get LOTS of BOO;s if you PLAY SORRY and BADLY..

I'm still not totally convinced that all is lost and that the Cubs are hopelessly behind. Surely guys with this much talent can unexpectedly catch on fire and string some victories. They have looked pathetically anemic though. I guess I'm one of those fairly unrealistic die-hard Cub fans who refuses to believe history can repeat itself for the Cubs the rest of my life. I conced that the Cardinals have to start losing some games if the Cubs are going to recover. Maybe the Cardinal series with Houston will offer the Cubs some hope if they can take four from Washington.

Hello has anybody ever heard the saying you win some then you lose some then some just don't count!

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