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Cub fans: What do you hear?

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Whether Milton Bradley trusts anyone in the media to understand his perspective enough to truly stand up and say specifically what's going on around him when he goes on the field, he's obviously experiencing something harsh enough to let it spill without prompting the past few days.

Chalk it up to a credibility issue with Bradley if you want, but even the unimpeachable Derrek Lee said Thursday he's heard racially charged taunts from the Wrigley stands, albeit directed at others.

So what's the real deal out there?

Obviously, in a lot of these situations, it's a vocal-yokel minority that gives the whole crowd the bad name. But just as obvious, one racist comment yelled by one drunken idiot is one too many.

Yeah, we all know everybody gets booed -- from white Todd Hundley and Kevin Gregg to black Jacque Jones and Milton Bradley to Japanese Kosuke Fukudome to Latin Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano.

But how often do people cross the line in the Wrigley stands? Let me know. Those who have a lot of experience as spectators, especially in the bleachers, let's hear the honest accounts (and let's keep it as clean and civil as possible).

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Actually I have heard a good deal of racist invective, especially after the beer has flowed too freely. One would hope that racial slurs will become a thing of the past whether about sports or anything else.Our president is of African-American descent, our recently-appointed Supreme court Justice is Hispanic, and a beloved Irish Senator just died. The melting pot origins and the inherent diversity therein are what made this country what it is. Tough times always seem to bring out the worst in people, but perhaps we could reverse that trend by individual examples and have those tough times bring out our best.

When are we ever going to get past color? Town hall meetings with white people griping only begin to scratch the surface of frustration. Then there are sports fans, myself included. Do I hate Milton Bradley because he's black? Jeezus, as a person of color (WHITE) I am so tired of the griping. Milton has sucked this year, as many Cubs have so why bash him? Soriano makes way more than Milton, do I hate him cause he's black? No, he sucks too. Carlos Zambrano has a 91 million dollar contract, he's too concerned about hitting rather than winning 20 games, he sucks too. Do y'all get it yet? I am so sick of the political Nazis, I can handle the fact that the Cubs stink, so let's go Obama, get a bill in place and let's give this country something to be proud of, a universal healthcare plan. Oh, and Go Bears...

why is it that racism raises it's ugly head only when the cubs are losing and the media is looking for a scapegoat. All the race baiting ball players for the cubs recently were all sucking when they started having problems, all of them, latroy, jacque, dusty, and now milton. Not to mention fukudome. So the lesson seems to be, if you are playing well and the fans are cheering as the cubs win, there is no racism at wrigley. But if a player stinks and needs to get dumped or run out of town, then we have a racism problem. The media plays right into this every time, they are as big of chumps as the lousy ballplayers that are stinking up wrigley. So what we have is really a problem with lazy sportswriters covering lousy no talent overpaid bad baseball players, and they settle on racist fans as the story.

Here is a solution to the racism problem at wrigley, get rid of the lousy sportswriters and the hack ball players, put a winning team on the field and let the good times roll. The race baiting is a lame excuse and a easy way to fill up a media outlet. Enough.

What do I hear?

I hear a resounding thud associated with the Cubs free fall since early July.

I hear Milton Bradley's bat getting hot now that the Cubs are out of it and there is no pressure to perform.

I hear Zambrano's mechanics are a mess -- probably because he's recently started doing sit ups.

I hear Lou sounding overwhelmed.

I hear Cubs fans wailing away as the franchise goes for 102 years of futility.

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