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Bradley on love and idiots

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A few hours after suggesting he's been the target of racist treatment from fans at Wrigley Field, Milton Bradley turned Tuesday night's ``hatred'' on a ``daily basis'' into a self-lovefest.

This, of course, after doing the hand-puppet thing to fans behind home plate again after his two-run homer Wednesday night.

``That's what I do,'' he said. ``People always got something to say. Keep talking. It ain't stopping them. What are you trying to prove? You ain't proving anything. You're an idiot.''

So, um, is he beginning to feel a little more love from fans with better hitting - at least a home - of late? After all, he was cheered at least three times Wednesday night.

``I feel love for me, because I love me,'' he said. ``I look in the mirror and go out there and play and feel love for my teammates and love for the coaching staff and for myself.''

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What a narcissistic, nut-job!!
The only thing missing is one of Klingler's (M*A*S*H) dresses!!

You are watching the man break down. It will get uglier...Kinda' feel for the guy.

He says what he thinks. Have you people so down on him watched him play? He gives everything he has on every play. Have you noticed the great defense he has played? How many times have Fontenot,Lee, Ramirez, and Theriot, not to mention Koyie Hill and Soto, Struck ou or hit into double plays with men in scoring position or the game on the line? Certainly he does not come through on occasion. He's human, just like the other players I named. I hope he is right about the jeers turning to cheers for the Cubs as a whole. If not, at least give the players a break. I have no doubt that they feel worse about this year than the fans do.

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