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Cubs' heart beating

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So Reed Johnson won't be able to be the Cubs' leadoff for the next few weeks.

So what?

As this team proved last year with Alfonso Soriano leading off (and not leading off when he spent all that time on the DL), it doesn't matter who's batting first when the big guys in the middle get hot.

During the Cubs' 6-1 homestand, the 3-4-5-6 heart of the order of Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Milton Bradley and Soriano hit .400 (38 for 95) with 11 homers and 30 RBIs.

The Cubs averaged 7.6 runs a game during the stand.

Crappy Cincinnati and Houston pitching? Maybe. But you still have to hit the ball.

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It's nice to see some hitting by the big guns. I'm especially high on Bradley lately. He's had a couple of lapses but has mostly gotten his good eyes back, taking walks and even hitting a bit from the left side for a change. I think he will end up making the difference in the playoffs that the Cub management was looking for. Ramirez is also looking absolutely great these days, so the Cubs power people are set for the big run to and through the World Series.Getting Soto back with his bat adding to the mix should give the boost needed to catch and then leave the Cardinals behind, but adding Holloday certainly helped them.

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know this is a little off topic, but we are in the thick of what is going to be a good pennant race and Hendry continued his disaster season. Why we did not get a couple bats and a closer is beyond me. Sherrill and Bell come to mind. Let's take a look at what our disaster of a bullpen did this week end compared to starters.
Innings - Starters 14 Bullpen 11 2/3
Hits - Starters 11 Bullpen 16
Runs - Starters 4 Bullpen 12
Walks - Starters 10 Bullpen 9
Homeruns - Starters 1 Bullpen 4
Runs from 8th inning on 8
Will the lady who left her 9 kids alone at the park, please come get them off the field, they are beating the Cubs 5-2.
It is time for Lou to put aside his pride and get someone in there who can actually get three outs in the ninth without giving up a run EVERY TIME. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Let's see how we do this month; need to dig down for this month and get 2-3 games up on STL if we can.

11 games vs TOUGH opponents (Phillies, Rockies, Dodgers)

6 games vs TOUGH opponents (Cardinals, Giants)

-Keep Fukudome at leadoff. He actually gets walks!
-Platoon Fox and Bradley
-put Guzman as the Closer

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