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Peavy: Beat Cubs, then join them?

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Jake Peavy closed the door on the White Sox one day, slammed the door on the Cubs' lineup the next, and then afterward, Friday night in San Diego, left the door wide open for a possible beat-'em-then-join-'em scenario with the Cubs.

``I'm drained now,'' he said after striking out 10 in six shutout innings to beat the Cubs for the first time since his 2007 Cy Young season. ``But you get excited to pitch.''

Especially against a team he wants to pitch for and came within a conversation or two last December of joining. A team that seems to remain a possibility in his mind, if not a real possibility should the Cubs' sale get done anytime soon or presumptive owner Tom Ricketts assents to jacking the payroll to add another ace to the staff.

Asked about putting all the White Sox trade stuff behind him, Peavy complimented Sox GM Kenny Williams but seemed to leave out the welcome mat for the Cubs to call on him:

``I'm being as professional as I can about it and just getting ready to pitch Wednesday night in Arizona and to cross bridges when and if we get there,'' he said. ``The biggest part is I just don't want to be a distraction for this team. We're starting to get on the right track, and I'm a member of this team right now. And I don't want to be a distraction but just want to go out there and be a part for as long as I am.''

It seems he's even developed a soft spot in his heart for Cubs fans already. ``I had a warm reception in Chicago and I certainly appreciated that,'' Peavy said. ``Certainly, there are Cubs fans everywhere, and I have heard from a couple of them here in San Diego, and did so tonight.''

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i wish the sale of the cubs would go thru. i am however unsure what the cubs need more, a potent bat or an ace pitcher like peavy. the bullpen (outside of marmol) is really bad. i realize the deals that were or were not made over the winter involved the sale of the team. but however i feel this is a lameduck period. look at sweet lou i havent seen a fire in him at all this year, seems to me he is just biding his time and i wonder if thats trickled down to the rest of the team. imo the deals to be made are a closer or setupman. gregg is not the answer for either. marshal should take cotts place as lefty in the bullpen, miles would be better served on another team. i believe that would keep scales up, in which will give you some stability in the bullpen and another good option for the infield and bench support.
i think that one thing that will hurt us in making a deal for a good hitting outfielder or infielder is the logjam of player we have under huge contracts that have regressed and are unmovable and block any potential replacements from seeing any significant playing time. on a positive note perhaps soto will break out of his slump and be the force offensively he was last year, aramis comes back healthy, dlee breaks out of his two year funk (he doesnt even drive the ball to the gap anymore) and soriano and the riot and fukie can continue playing at the level they have thru the season, if none of this happens our hands are tied on getting any renforcements of the hitting variety. out of the pitching variety our starters have played very well this year, the bullpen has been the nail in the coffin, which begs my question is peavy going to make the difference?

GO CUBS!!! Lets see a Threepeat!

The Cubs can get as many solid pitchers as they want...if you don't have players hitting at the plate, it's all for nothing. Go Brewers!

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