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Join hundreds of other Cubs fans (and some Dodgers fans) in our chat room!

Watch the game on TV, but keep your laptop handy.

We have lively debate, videos, polls and more.

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If it wasn't for all the Hot Guys I'd sell my season tickets and tsart watching hockey.

I am in California. I get a feeling when the Dogers are going all the way. It's just something that happens that wild horses cannot stop.They will win the big show. The only chance the other side of the country has, is....... well there is no chance


i guess wait til next year

It does suck but I feel that Lou needs to stop changing things with that line up. Get a lead off hitter that plays center field that can get on base and one more quality starter to go with Dempster, Zambrano, Harden and Lilly.I also think we need to sign Wood, maybe even a good defensive 2nd baseman that can hit too. Were not too far off from being a complete team. Then its all up to Lou, with no excuses.

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