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Soriano has to pay attention

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Two outs and no one on in the top of the ninth, and Alfonso Soriano either pulls a brain cramp or just doesn't feel like hustling.

Hunter Pence hits a hard bouncer to third that handcuffs Aramis Ramirez and gets to left field.

Soriano doesn't move. Doesn't move. He stands there. Fortunately for the Cubs, the speedy Pence has his head down and is flying down the first-base line, not looking to see the ball in left field. Had he seen it, he would have been on second easily.

As it turns out, it wouldn't have mattered because Carlos Marmol struck out the next batter.

But the Cubs can't afford to have players like Soriano loafing defensively and posing offensively. I've defended him before, but enough is enough.

The Cubs are trying to win a World Series, and they need all players to at least have their heads in the game.

Soriano, despite what he does at the plate, is becoming a liability.

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Soriano may have the physical capabilities as a major league player, but I really think this guy is one of the dumbest players in the game. He gets picked off, drops routine fly balls, and the stunt he pulled last night was, indeed, due to a lack of attention.

I've been saying that for two years!! He is a lousy outfielder, and a lazy baserunner. These guys make too much money, they do not play for the pride of it. They just do what they have to, and collect a check!! I wish there was something else to watch, mabey I'll fine something!

He is more interested in returning to the DR and his cock fighting business with the rest of his DR buddy millionaires than having to play in October. He's a bum and probably hates this Country too but will gladly take our money for shoddy performance. So what he hits near 30 homers a year, he's not worth the 136m deal---not with that lazy field and base running play of his. Have a nice October on the Island with Manny's cousin, Aramis.

Is baseball just becoming an individual sport? The cubs should not have lost all three games to Houston. Prime example in the second game bottom of the tenth, two on and no outs, Soriano swing away, the team only needed one run too win, Soriano swing away. How can player get paid so much and can’t think to do the little thing to help the team win? A team player would have bunted to move the other player into scoring position. Instead he swing away flies out and runner don’t advance, the next player up hits a fly ball which would have probably given the cubs the win. Seems simple to me, but I could be wrong, I am just a fan.

Roman responds: I don't mean to pile on here, but I also noticed yesterday how Soriano sort of nonchalanted the ball and Hunter Pence turned a single into a double. And Soriano also didn't take second on Cedeno's play at the plate. It's going to catch up to the Cubs at some point.

Is GOING to catch up to the Cubs? I think it is. Fortunately, there is time for Lou to catch on and tell the team what's happening. They don't seem to know. If not, at worst they could be heading toward a huge embarrassment (Hold on to that 1.3 for now, Mr. Cuban). Right now, at best looks like another quick playoff departure. But there is time.

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