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Photos: Cubs clinch division

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Congratulations to the Cubs, and my heartfelt condolences to their fans.

Prepare yourselves for the inevitable by taking a few post-season precautions.

#1 : Avoid high places, and window ledges.

#2 : Wear beltless pants, and loafers or sandals instead of shoes that have laces.

#3 : Use an electric shaver, and put away the razor blades. I'd also suggest switching to plastic cutlery or chop sticks for the next few weeks. Remember; finger food is your friend.

#4 : Enlist the help of a close personal friend or co-worker. You'll need a "minder" during these difficult times. Someone who can preview the games for you, and make critical decisions as to whether or not you're to be allowed to actually view the carnage yourself. Crisis intervention counselors will be in great demand.

#5 : Above all else; remember that it's never too early to begin chanting that most comforting of Cubbie mantras:
"Wait 'till next year!"

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Villiano....FUNNY!! Too bad the Sux will be mumbling those words even before you leave Tampa!!!

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