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NL Central Watch: Sept. 9

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Here's a quick glance at what's happening around the National League Central.

All those Cubs fans reaching for the panic button, stop. Yes, things are bad, but they could be worse. You could be a Brewers fan. For all of the Cubs' recent struggles, they have been minimized thanks to another late-season collapse by the Brewers. Meanwhile, Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun insists his slump has nothing to do with his tender ribs. And though Mike Cameron isn't completely healthy, he is back in the Brewers' lineup.

During one of his best seasons at the plate, Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols says he is thinking seriously about undergoing offseason surgery on his ailing right elbow. If he undergoes the procedure, it could make him unavailable to start the 2009 season on time.

Steve Campbell of the Houston Chronicle points out how the Astros keep winning even though Carlos Lee is out, Lance Berkman has cooled off and Ty Wigginton is hurting. In discussing the wild card, Geoff Blum sums up the Astros' mind-set these days: ''Colorado did it last year. Why can't we?''

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Yes things could get worse but I certainly hope they don't get worse for the cubs they don't need to go on any more losing streaks I am a die hard cubs fan and I want to see them deep in playoffs and like to see a world series.

I'm unusual because I still follow & support both Chi clubs from my transplanted home in California. I admit that I lean more towards white sox but love to see cubs go to at least world series. I remember the 69 cubs but this club doesn't have the surging Mets to worry about. Brewers certainly a legit contender but have not played well themselves. Thing I worry about is how far cubs will go in playoffs! With Carlos Zambrano injury problems, the spotty hitting might get them a quick exit.Fukudome hardly the impact player he is getting paid to be. He is far over hype & has put up very average numbers. Lee & Ramirez are key to playoff success. Both ,along with Soriano must produce in playoffs.If cubs do not make it to WS ,Hendry among others needs to find another job!

Lou has not done all that good of job given the talent at his disposal. He has stuck by Lee when Lee deserved to sit after poor performances, and sending out Wood in critical games may prove to be the Cubs downfall. Wood lost his confidence years ago and every fans knows it. Nice kid but time to go.

Expect nothing from Cubs as Bears own the city when doing well.

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