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Lou feeling the heat?

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Lou Piniella blew off the media for the first time this season when he didn't show up for the postgame news conference.

That's not a big deal, except that it may speak to the mindset of Piniella and how worried he is about this current slump.

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Lou didnt meet with the Media because he and wrong way corrigan, I mean Sinatro have to get an early start on their next destination.

Piniella is a gutless old timer, overpaid, overweight nap boy who hasnt a clue on how to stop a good old fashioned slumping team. Nice move getting Theriot out of short and putting in "I just played outfield" Iowa ticket Cedeno. Hot dog, like his cousin Aramis with the "no look" throw. Cost us a game, a whole game that can be put on one player...yeah you Ronnie no Woo Woo go to Iowa Cedeno.

I'm as mad as Lou right now...just not as lost.

This is a time when Cubs fans have to have something this team has repeatable taken from us...Faith. Remember this bad stretch came on the heels of a 7 game win streak. They can turn this around just as fast as they have stunk it up. Baseball is the oddest of sports when it comes to times like these and I believe the Sox example is a good one (it hurt me type that, lol). If Cubs fans are going to hold up the We Beleive signs then we have to REALLY believe. Mets and Phillies both had ugly stretches this year. The Dodgers came off a bad stretch to sweep the Dbacks and take first. The Brewers are in the same funk we are. Heck look at the Sox and Twins right now..nobody wants that division either. Point is, its part of the game and this's our TIME!!!!

Are you stupid, billy buoy? No, I did not see the game, but a whole game can be blamed on one player? Last time I checked, there are nine players on defense and nine players in the batting line-up. Last I checked, the TEAM was composed of 25 players...if they score more runs, the error doesn't matter. If walks are not issued by the bullpen, the error does not matter.
Lou isn't any more overpaid or anything else than other managers, like Joe Torre or Bobby Cox or even Tony LaRussa. Last time I checked, Lou had a nice winning percentage throughout his managerial career, and that is despite Tampa Bay.
Let's not give up just yet. We still have a good cushion in the division, the Brewers are slumping at the same time, and our team have gotten out of every other "slump" this year in big ways.

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