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Fun baseball and some stupid fans

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I was part of a two-bus caravan full of Cubs fans on Saturday heading to Milwaukee, and it was an interesting day.

After a few beverages at the Sports Corner early, we headed north and arrived early enough to do some tailgating.

That in itself is strange to me since I take trains to watch baseball on both sides of town. But it was fun. The label "Wrigley North" rang true as we were surrounded by Cubs fans. We played bags with some fans and had a few sodas in the hot sun.

All of the Brewers fans were cordial enough before the game, but that wasn't the case inside Miller Park.

As is my luck often enough, my friend and I had seats next to the two most obnoxious fans in the stadium. One guy wouldn't get up for us as we headed for seats because my friend had a Cubs shirt on. So when I banged into his leg, we had a couple of words.

It was obvious both guys were over-served and were going to try to put on a show for their friends, so we took two open seats not far away. When the game started, the expletives flew from these guys toward the players. In the second inning, a security guard came down and asked one: "Are you having a good time? Because the people around you arent."

Not surprisingly, one had words for the female security person so she came back with Milwaukee cops and escorted the two drunks out.

Turns out some Brewers fans sitting in front of them turned them in.

But it wasn't just Milwaukee fans. There were Cubs fans acting like jerks, too. Everybody gets brave and bold and mouthy after drinking too much.
Saw two Cubs fans with tshirts that read: [Bl--] Me Brew Crew. Guys like that deserve what they get when they wear that in an opponent's park.

Lots of police escorts out of the stadium but no realy incidents that I saw.

Great game, though. Ted Lilly again flirted with a no-hitter.

All in all, it was a good time. And it will be interseting to see fan interaction if these teams make the NLCS.

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I could not agree any more. It was not just one teams fans who were acting ridiculous. Cubs fans were out of control both Friday and Saturday, as were Brewers fans. I'm a Cubs fan living up here now, and I was spat at, shoved, and punched in the back of the head by Brewers fans after engaging in what I must have misunderstood as friendly banter. The Brewers fans around me Saturday called security on the two Brewers fans behind me (one said the Dodgers were in the A.L, I'm assuming he's a HUGE baseball fan) after the two guys called the girl in front of us a c - - t, and were swearing at my eight year old cousin. I was shocked at how out of control it got Saturday.

Hey Roman,

Was that you sitting next to Eric Zorn eating cupcakes?

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