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Don't celebrate yet

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So an MRI showed Carlos Zambrano has rotator cuff tendinitis , which means no surgery. That's good news, but hold off on the celebration.

The Cubs are hoping Z can return during the Sept. 12-14 series in Houston, but the news doesn't mean he'll be effective.

The fact is Zambrano hasn't pitched well in a while, and that tendinitis may subside, but will it go away with a little rest?

It appears to my untrained eye that Zambrano is going to have to pitch through some pain or at least some fatigue. Whether he'll be able to do that at 75 percent or 95 percent could mean the difference between a first-round exit and a World Series berth.

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too bad..sorry to see such a good sport like the Zman hurting. boo hoo....

Roman, in your honest opinion, is "bob in wisconsin" a bitter Brewers fan or a bitter Packer fan? Both perhaps?

This is good news for the Chicago Cubs. I believe that if Big Z can get healthy, he'll be able to contribute a great deal to the playoff push and into the post-season. Eamus Catuli!

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