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Cubs are lucky - for now

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With St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee and the Mets filling out the rest of the Cubs' schedule, it would seem the time to panic for Cubs Nation is now after one of their worst losses of the season and their 7th in their last 8. Except that no team seems to want to win the NL Central.

Yes, the Cubs are lucky the Brewers are stinking up the place. But the Cubs made their own luck with a terrific season up until now. They built a comfortable lead that is withstanding this slump, with help from Milwaukee.

The reason to worry if you're a Cubs fans is this team no longer looks like a good bet to play deep into the playoffs. Kerry Wood can't shake his skeptics and two of the Cubs' top pitchers have questionable health.

But the thing is, I'm not sure how important it is to have a ton of momentum closing the season. The Sox stunk at the end of the 2005 regular season and they lost just one game en route to the championship.

No reason to believe the Cubs can't follow suit.

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These past 8 games have destroyed all the confidence that had built up in the players, the coaches and manager, and the fans. It has the awful stench of 1969 all over it. The ship could be righted, the team could have the best record in the NL, they could go all the way. But it will be 24 hours after the final win before we will really be able to believe it.

Pat and Ron agreed before the game today that the wild card would be OK -- just getting into the playoffs is a chance. I disagree. Another quick exit like last year? Not acceptable.

Derrick Lee has disappeared from the HR and RBI scene. DeRosa is doing a better job at a lot less money.

How bout them Reds doing to the Brewers a ninth inning come from behind win.

There is no such thing as "Cubs Nation". That is a lame term applied to Red Sox fans. Cubs fans are Cubs fans. After growing up in Chicago I moved to Washington DC. I don't belong to any sort of "nation". There is no external organization to which I pay dues. I, in the singular, am a Cubs fan and that fact is part of my existence, and is part of what defines me. I am a member of nothing, my soul is my own and it is a Cubs fan.

Strayer has it right!I've been a CUBS fan since 1953 .My dad, who"s been a Cubs fan since 1936 ,took me to Ebbetts Field to see the Dodgers play the Cubs I didn't know who or what the Cubs were but on that Sunday afternoon I was"hooked" The kids I hung around with were Yankee,Dodger,Giant,Boston Red Sox,or Boston Brave fans.We had quite a choice back then.They didn't know why I wanted their Cub baseball cards.
Tell you what there was no "nation" then in 1953,or in 1969, 1984,or any other year .Its the idiots jumping on the bandwagon who think its "cute.As a matter of fact it wasn't too long ago it was an insult to call the CUBS the cubbies or fans cubbie fans-it still sounds patronizing!
By the way I live in Milford,Connecticut and fully expect to put up my "W" flag tonight!!!!!!!!!

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