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Big Z fires no-hitter!

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This unbelievable season the Cubs are fashioning took another special turn as Carlos Zambrano fired the team's first no-hitter since 1972.

So much for shoulder tendinitis and inflammation, which cost Zambrano his last start, hampering him in the long term.

Zambrano struck out 10 and walked just one.

So much for the thinking that Ryan Dempster or Rich Harden have overtaken Zambrano as the staff ace. I was thinking Dempster should start Game 1 of the playoffs and Harden should get Game 2.

Time to go back to the original plan: Give the ball to Carlos.

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a message to all of you nay-sayers and doom-and-gloomers who were lamenting the "loss" of 'Z'... I mentioned that I worked for an orthopaedic surgeon, who basically poo-pooed that 'Z' would suffer long-term effects from the shoulder tendonitis and that all MLB starters had sore arms at this time of the year... Well, who in the wide, wide world of sports could have predicted how he would respond in his first start back?? ...all I know is that I am happy for 'Z,' happy for all long-suffering Cubs fans (and even a wee bit happy for myself)... BELIEVE!!

I was at the game last night and it was one of the best times of my life...I had never been so nervous and excited at the same time heart was pounding the last two innings...I purchased tickets online Saturday night once I heard about the scheduled games...I wanted best available and was offered 7th row by the visiting(thought it would be the Cubs) dugout and decided to splurge on what would be the best seats I had ever had at a ballgame....after purchsing them I regretted spending the amount of money I did on the tickets but after last night I think it was a bargain....what an experience!

Hmmmm, couldn't throw 50 pitches 10 or so days ago.... No-hitter last night. Does anyone else smell a big hit of HGH????????

This was a joke and MLB should be ashmed of the situation. The Cubs should thank MLB for everything this because they haven,t had a road trip longer then 7 games.

The Fix is In?

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