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NL Central Watch: Aug. 19

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Once again, CC Sabathia did it all for the Brewers. Sabathia easily is the best midseason acquisition of 2008. His arrival should secure a playoff spot for the Brewers. But the Brewers have new concerns about left fielder Ryan Braun, whose back tightened Monday.

Meanwhile, right-hander Yovani Gallardo -- out since late April with a knee injury that required surgery -- is making progress but he might not be ready in time to help the Brewers down the stretch. Deep in this notebook, manager Ned Yost says the Brewers' experience battling the Cubs down the stretch in 2007 should pay off this September.

Chris Carpenter's scheduled game of catch today could shape the rest of the season for the third-place Cardinals.

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it seems to be flying under the radar,but the cubs aren't very good in 1 rlate ,maybe a steal or sacrifice bunt, anything to get that 1 run to tie a game when its close ! its either hope for a homerun or nothing ! they can pull off a big inning against weak bullpens ,but you probably want get that to much in the playoffs! maybe i am t nitpicking ,but just thought i would mention this because most most world series teams win the close games and that usualy starts with your leadoff hitter!un games ,especialy compared to the angels and rays! they seem not to be able to get that i run when they need it ! like a walk

Boy, does Fukodome look bad at the plate. He seems afraid to swing. He takes way too many called strikes, many down the center of the plate, and he watches strike three go by all too often.

Why not bring up Micah Hoffpauir to spell Fukodome. Maybe he can spell Derek Lee too. Lee is becoming a rally killer with his double play grounders. I wish Lee would put the ball in the air to the right side when there is a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs.

This time of the year, very good opposing pitchers can stop any team, especially when key players don't produce often enough.

I love Lou Piniella's managing. What a contrast to Baker's, "do nothing" style. Go Cubs.

Ned Yost is a hack.

FUKODOME should look at film of his batting swing especially is right foot. You should be stepping in to the ball towards the pitching mound not away from it. He has no power .

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