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NL Central Watch: July 23

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Here's a quick glance at what's happening around the National League Central.

The Brewers hope to finish off the Cardinals in the next two days with the one-two punch of CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets. Jay Gibbons, once tainted by HGH allegations and dumped by the Orioles, has been signed by the Brewers and assigned to their Class AA team.

After a 40-pitch bullpen session, former ace Adam Wainwright says he expects to return to the Cardinals' rotation in three weeks. Shrinking his strike zone and getting more familiar with opposing pitchers has helped Rick Ankiel become more consistent at the plate.

And how about this? Former Cubs reliever Kyle Farnsworth has become Mr. Reliable in the Yankees' bullpen.

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Today, the headline of the Sun Times sports page says "the Cubs and Sox are guilty of dirty pool." I read the article and at least 98% of the article is about the embezzlement by the Sox scouting department.
There is no information in the article implying the Cubs did anything illegal. The Cubs made an aggressive move to sign a young player trying to build a better farm system. They circumvented an MLB agreement that borders on collusion. The Cubs did nothing illegal, it is the MLB policy that might be illegal.
Why did you put the Cubs name in the headline if you were not writing about them in the article? Sensationalism trying to attract readers from both fanbases! If you are going to accuse the Cubs of doing something illegal, you should put the supporting details in the article

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