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ESPN's Erin Andrews in the house

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I've never been so disgusted in my life with the voyeuristic treatment of another reporter on your web site. Show some class, you pigs.

Your voyeurism creeps me out. Are you there to cover a ballgame or comment on the other reporters' wardrobes. Watch the game, Gordon, and leave the porn to the experts.

I love Erin. She is soooo hot. Cubs rule!

Is it me or does Erin kind of look like Paris Hilton?

Is she seeing anyone? And how does she like older men :-)

Every time I see a pretty girl in heels as a sports commentator on the field, I know that I should just sit back and enjoy the view because I'm sure not going to listen to whatever insightful comments she has to say.

oh christ she has on a f!#$ing dress! give me a break.

She is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting shoe choice for working the sidelines.

I just wanted to make it clear that I take full responsibility for the child Erin is carrying...

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