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Lou vents after Rays sweep

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Cubs Manager Lou Piniella, stretched and strained by home and professional obligations throughout a three-game sweep at the hands of his former Tampa Bay Rays team in St. Petersburg, left Florida glad to be heading back to Wrigley – but clearly in no mood for the standard media circus of carousel, regurgitation of issues that have already been addressed for days on the road.

``Horrible inning, wasn’t it?’’ he said of the bullpen’s seventh-inning collapse Thursday, including setup ace Carlos Marmol’s two-walk, two-hit-batter sequence to start a seven-run Rays inning.

``It’s only one loss. First time we’ve lost three in a row. Now we go home and try to regroup, that’s all we can do,’’ Piniella said. ``But I found some things out in this series that I think will pay some dividends down the road, and we’ll leave it at that.’’

Was he referring to Scott Eyre’s grand slam allowed to Carl Crawford in a left-vs.-left matchup that amounted to the first pressure situation he used Eyre in this season? Or Marmol’s continued command issues over the past two weeks?

Who knows?

But he added, ``We’ve had trouble scoring runs this whole road trip. And I don’t want to hear any more when I get back to Chicago, and when we get [Alfonso] Soriano back, about leadoff or anything else. I really don’t. I’m not going to put up with it anymore. I think we know what we’re doing here.

``It’s just been a struggle. We’ve got to piece it together, and we’ve got to keep our heads up, and keep going. And we haven’t been in a bad spell all year. Well, we’re in one right now. And, hopefully, at home it’ll cure it, and we go forward.’’

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Never once did Lou ever give the Rays credit for beating the Cubs. The Rays are a pretty good team with the third best record in baseball thus far this season. They have now swept the Cubs, Red Sox and Angels, and took the series against the White Sox . . . four other very good teams. It would have been nice for Lou to say a few good things about the team he helped develop. We still give him credit in Tampa.

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