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Edmonds singles in first at-bat

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Jim Edmonds drew a round of applause from the Wrigley bleacher fans today and was generally well-received at the plate before he ripped a Greg Maddux pitch to right for a single.

Maddux asked Edmonds if he wanted to keep the ball, and after Edmonds nodded in the affirmative, Maddux threw the ball out of play. It might have been an RBI single if Aramis Ramirez hadn't been thrown out at the plate during the at-bat.

Edmonds' reaction wasn't quite as positive later when he grounded into a double-play and struck out. He finished 1-for-4.

To get live updates from the game from Gordon Wittenmyer, go here.

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I'll take Reed Johnson and Pie over Edmonds any day. Edmonds is a lame horse in center. Did we already forget that Johnson made the catch of the year in center already? Edmonds will never make that catch, or a catch even resemblimg that the rest of his career. If he does, he'll end up on the DL. Edmonds is an old man at the plate too. And not an old man on HGH like we could have seen two years ago. More like an old man who should retire. Face it, the time of the old man in baseball is over. This is also terrible Karma. Yeah, getting Johnny Damon really worked out well for the Yankees. That's sarcasm.

I'll only rescind this statement if that which we don't speak of happens with him on the roster. I live in SD, and have watched him this season. Believe when I say, Edmonds stinks.

Hey Anonymous from 5-18-07, don't forget crybaby tantrum Zambrano...........I know your just listing the position players, but has Zambrano been cut yet?

I am really sad that the cubs are not going to resign Kerry Wood. He was the heart of the cubs!

I am sad about Woody. He is the heart of soul of the cubs. I dont like the way there are treating him. HE Deserves to be be in chicago next year. going to miss him

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