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Cub at heart?

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OK, maybe that's stretching it, but Jim Edmonds seems to have a genuine appreciation for the history and electricity of the Cub culture and sought the Cubs out as much as they pursued him. He said one of the things he missed after getting that trade to San Diego in the off-season was ``the excitement from the crowd.''

``And obviously the minute I walked into [Wrigley Field Wednesday] night [for a physical], the excitement was there. That's what I'm looking foward to.''

That's not all.

The guy who helped the red-menace Cardinals reach the 2004 World Series and win it in 2006 mentioned ``World Series'' three times in his first talk with Chicago reporters Thursday.

He also said he was ``scared'' of the reception he might get from Wrigley fans initially, but added, ``I'm just going to go out there and do everything I can, and hopefully I can get them on my side eventually and play well.''

Most interesting, he said when he asked the Cardinals to trade him after last season -- when they told him he wasn't in their everyday plans -- he asked about a trade to the Cubs. ``But they didn't think that would be a very good option at the time,'' he said. ``So I've always admired this ballpark and this team and just wanted to see what it would be like to be on this side one time.''

So does that soften any of the built-up natural animosity toward the guy? Do you buy it? And do any of those sentiments matter, whether they're genuine or not?

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Having spent the previous 18 years in Missouri I can tell you that the best thing about Jim Edmonds signing with the Cubs is that there is a possibility that either Sweet Lou will throw down with him like he did with Rob Dibble back in the 90s or that Big Z will wipe the pompous arrogant smile off of his face. Edmonds adds about as much to a club house as Barry Bonds would. As for on the field, as much as his body had broken down over the years? Do the new testing policies, surprise, ring a bell for anyone? This guy is nearly as fragile as JD Drew or Mark Prior.

It is sad day in Cubdom when the virus of the NL Central is wearing blue. This guys is not about hard work. He is about natural ability. You ever know the guy who is so good at something naturally but doesn't really respect his talents? Watch Jim Edmonds play baseball if you need an example. He is a whiny selfish pompous arrogant son of a gun. Back in St. Louis our nickname for him was Sigma Phi Edmonds to take a stab at a tradionally arrogant fraternity at our old college.

Luckily he is one pulled hamstring away from a release and hopefully it will come with a crash into the bricks first. I have never wished injury on any pro athlete. That is there way to support a family. I know it is cliche but it is. But I probably won't be able to control a cheer if Edmonds is layed out.

Has Hendry gone crazy?? Edmonds has lost a step so his defense isn't on par with Pie's and I'm sure Pie wouldn't have left 7 men on base like Edmonds did either.

YEA YEA YEA ! If his butt were black then when he [messes] up you can always hear the N_WORD ALL DAY IN THE BLEACHERS LIKE I HEAR.

There is no downside to this! Edmonds is not the defender he once was, but Wrigley is much smaller than Petco & he can't hit any worse that Pie. Pie needs to work on his hitting mechanics and things he's been taught by Lou & Perry, so sitting around as the 25th guy will not help. Edmonds can come in, give Johnson some rest, let Pie get some work in Iowa and you don't have to mess with Fukudome moving around (which was mentioned as an option). Come July, if Edmonds stinks, you release him, trade for someone else or bring Pie back up. I think this one is a no brainer; great pick up Hendry (even if he was a Cardinal)!!!

I don't like the watching your homer fly out stuff, or the preceived arrogance.

If he plays hard (and he will) forgive his past sins. Don't bring unnessesary negativity to our cubs, they are playing great.
Frankly he would not break a bat over his knee after striking out in the 4th. Maybe big "Z" should take humility lessons from big "E"

Go Edmunds! He has guts, speaks loudly and carries a big stick!!!!! As I have been saying for over 2 years, TRADE CRYBABY ZAMBRANO! Do we remember his little hissy fit that caused the Barrett trade? Or how about cracking his bat over his knee after striking out the other day? Not only was that childish, but it could have cost him proper use of his leg for God knows how long. And Hendry got all of this for a small country's worth of money. This is what you get with a 9th grade education, some talent and 250+ pounds of stupid.

I am confused with the lashing of Big Z I think that a player with that much fire for the game is going to show his emotion on his sleeve. There was another man like this in my life time and that was a tennis player named John McEnroe. He made me feel like if I played the game I would be like that. Big Z is young, he is a super star in the making let him fire up the people. I know the bat thing could have hurt him but the fire in his eyes helped his teammates know he wants to win. Make it a great day and lets keep the spirit alive......Patty Milton,wi.

Keep playing Edmonds. He's so strong, he's so cute, he's so good.

Signed, Astros fan

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