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The Cubs will wear 1948 replica uniforms when they host the Braves on June 1.

Lunch, beer and the NL Central

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Not that anyone back in Chicago cares what I have for lunch or where I go for beers after the game when I'm on the road, but here are two strong recommendations if you're planning to be in Houston this summer: Try Azuma, a Japanese restaurant with two Houston locations, including one downtown. Great sushi and tempura. In Texas. Really. And for the after-game beers, check out the Flying Saucer on Main Street, about five blocks from the ballpark. Good crowds, even on weekday nights and hundreds of different beers -- at just the right chill for those still-80-degree nights.

As for the baseball and the Cubs around here tonight ... Howry looking stronger ... Jim Edmonds not so much. ... and still wondering when we'll see that first road series win since April 10.

Which brings up a question that might be worth asking again now that we're almost two months into the season. ...

Play it again, ump

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This is about instant replay. But bear with me for a couple of paragraphs of context.

Houston resident Bob Watson, baseball's top official for rules and on-field operations, was at Minute Maid Park this afternoon on other business but took time to oversee the removal of the narrow, yellow plank that served as the vertical marker separating in-play from out-of-play where the left-center field fence rises from 10 feet to 25 feet.

Workers painted a yellow stripe directly onto the brick wall the plank had been affixed to, which should produce a truer bounce on long balls that are close calls in that area, helping the umpires make the right calls on plays such as Geo Soto's inside-the-park home run Monday night that should have been ruled a conventional homer.

Deep in the Heat of the Texas

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Cubs are taking ealry BP in the 90-plus-degree heat of open-roofed Houston Juice Box, but it's hard to tell whether all the sweat is a result of the Houston weather or all the heat radiating off Alfonso Soriano.

As anybody who follows baseball knows by now, the two hottest hitters in the majors are poised to upstage a 1-vs.-3 National League Central matchup in Houston the next three nights.

Soriano's on fire

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I remember when some people thought the Cubs were better off offensively when Alfonso Soriano was on the disabled list.

Cub at heart?

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OK, maybe that's stretching it, but Jim Edmonds seems to have a genuine appreciation for the history and electricity of the Cub culture and sought the Cubs out as much as they pursued him. He said one of the things he missed after getting that trade to San Diego in the off-season was ``the excitement from the crowd.''

``And obviously the minute I walked into [Wrigley Field Wednesday] night [for a physical], the excitement was there. That's what I'm looking foward to.''

That's not all.

Jim Edmonds drew a round of applause from the Wrigley bleacher fans today and was generally well-received at the plate before he ripped a Greg Maddux pitch to right for a single.

Latest on Edmonds

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All indications are that Jim Edmonds won't be officially a member of the Cubs until after tonight's game.

As expected, the Cubs activated Scott Eyre from the DL and sent down Sean Marshall.
Here's the lineup for today's game: 1. Soriano, LF; 2. Theriot, SS; 3. Lee 1B; 4. Ramirez, 3rd; 5. Fukudome, RF; 6. Soso, C; 7. DeRosa, 2nd; 8. Johnson, CF.

Big Z and Mr. Bigglesworth

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Is it just me, or does the newly clean-shaven Zambrano look like Dr. Evil?

``Ninety-one point five milllllliion dollars...''

Lou on playing Soriano, sitting Mariotti

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Lou says the radio reporter asking that question that set him off Thursday was trying to ``create the news,'' asking something he already knew the answer to. Specifically, that taking Alfonso Soriano out of the game late for defensive reasons is absurd. ``You don't take superstar players out of the lineup,'' the manager said.

But in defense of WSCR-AM's Jesse Rogers, whether the question could have been rephrased, it wasn’t out of line -- especially considering it was Soriano’s first game back from the disabled list and Piniella has been known to do stranger things trying to secure a win.

The Cubs made a roster move today with middle relief pitchers Chad Fox and Kevin Hart. Here's the official release:

As expected, the Cubs activated Alfonso Soriano from the disabled list. And he'll return to the leadoff spot. Matt Murton was sent down.

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