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Lou's lost investment opportunity

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While talking about fiery pitcher Carlos Zambrano's angry outbursts during games gone wrong, Cubs manager Lou Piniella remembered being charged for water coolers he broke with his bat during his playing career -- four or five, by his estimate, at about $250 to $300 a pop.

But he made sure to make a point each time he had to pay up.

He made the club send him the broken cooler. ``If I had to pay for them, you're damn right I did,'' he said. ``I used to put them in my garage at home.''

Imagine what they might be worth today -- that is, if he still had them.

``I wish I had kept them,'' he said.``I'd be selling them on eBay.''

If a Miami woman could get $28,000 for a 10-year-old, partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly bore the image of the Virgin Mary on it, what would an authentic Lou Piniella busted water cooler go for?

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