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Ramirez nursing sore shoulder

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Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who was expected to make his spring debut in the team's second exhibition game today, still is bothered enough by a sore shoulder that he won't play until Saturday at the earliest, and possibly as the designated hitter against the Los Angeles Angels in Tempe.

The Cubs don't consider the soreness anything more serious than a typical spring ache caused by all the early camp activity.

Today's lineup against a San Francisco split squad in the Cubs' exhibition home opener:

LF Alfonso Soriano
SS Ryan Theriot
RF Kosuke Fukudome
1B Derrek Lee
2B Mike Fontenot
CF Felix Pie
3B Alex Cintron
C Henry Blanco
P Carlos Zambrano

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What, did Rami wear out his shoulder throwing money into the cockfighting ring?

that is what you get....he is fat, overpaid and overrated.......Hendry throwing money at people.........worst GM in the majors, no he keeps his job is amazing.....Brewers will beat us this year..........

Chill out. The beginning of spring is the time to get sore muscles.

Cock fighting is cool.

Worst GM in the majors? No question? Well, how about a statement. Your opinion is the worst on the internet.

Learn to type a sentence. What are you? A kindergartner?

Ramirez is one of the most disappointing Cubs I have ever known. He is as talented as any third baseman short of A-Rod but he will never realize his full potential unless he gets serious about his business. He is consistently injuring himself because of his conditioning and his numbers reflect that his performance is in the decline unless he gets in shape.

I was one of his biggest supporters and I thought the Cubs were crazy to jepordize not signing him, but now I have my doubts. The Cubs have some good young corner infielders coming up soon and I would consider moving him if I could get a good top-notch starting pitcher for him.

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