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Fukudome smelling ivy?

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Based on Japanese media reports overnight that Japanese free agent Kosuke Fukudome has told the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo that he doesn't plan to sign with them, the outfielder's formal announcement that he's coming to the U.S. should come Monday.

And a deal with the Cubs? They're the front-runners in a four-team group of finalists that includes the White Sox, San Diego Padres and Texas Rangers.

Fukudome's agent said Friday that when/if his client ceclared his U.S. intentions, a deal could come together very quickly. Could make him a Cub by mid-to-late week.

The big question left to answer: How much for the latest version of the top hitter in Japan?

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Following up on the Hunter/Cabrera debacles, just another kick in the head to the White Sox who've spent two years exposing themselves to their fans (who already started abandoning them anyway) as a second-division, all-talk franchise.

Go Cubbies! Get him and Roberts!

Why don't we go after Rowland and Fukudome? Leave Theriot and DeRosa in the middle infield. Let's get aggressive in this, the 100 year anniversary,

White Sox the "all-talk franchise?" Oh, that's right, we can talk, ABOUT THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP MY TEAM WON IN MY LIFETIME! I'd have to say it's the Flubs and their mindless fans that are the "all-talk franchise"; didn't their recent president talk the BS about how they were poised to win a championship at the beginning of last season? didn't their ignorant fans talk about how they'd roll through the "inferior" D-Backs and Rockies on their way to the Series? Yes, that's a lot of talking - all of it being done by idiots. Why don't you post your e-mail and I'll forward you some photos of our Championship trophy. Maybe give your team of overpaid (Lee - overpaid, Ramirez - overpaid, Marquis - overpaid, etc., etc.) underachievers something to aspire to.

Is Fukudome a real name??? What if they play at Tropicana Field or the Metrodome, won't fans be offended?? He would be like and the fans would be like no FUKU you you bad ass hitter. It could get outta hand. Just a thought. Go Cubbies :)

It is truly dishearteniing as a Sox fan to see the Cubs go out and make actual moves to improve their team. Over the past two offseasons Hendry has been extremely active. As a fan, that is all you ask for from your team. Kenny Williams has done nothing but tear the 2005 World Champs apart. The biggest move has been bringing in Jim Thome which has worked, but there have been too many loses. With the acquisition of Fukudome, I have truly just given up hope for the White Sox for the next few years. This team has no chance of winning anything in the near future. They will likely finish last in the American League Central. I will continue to root for the Sox. However, I will be keeping an envious eye on the Cubs. The cross-town classic just got even more unbearable to watch. Kenny, what have you done????

Can we do something to prevent Mariotti from determining the nicknames of Chicago based sports figures? In the past month he has dropped the gems "The Hesterizer" and "The Domer" on us. If I was looking for mid-80's action hero monnicker as the nickname of our potential sports icons then by all means Jay would be the guy to go to for it, but seriously he can't come up with anything more clever than those? Really? How about Devin "The DH" Hester, why because he is the real designated home-run hitter. As for the Cubs new Right Fielder, how about Kosuke "Am I Sammy, No way" Fukudome.

Hey Armstrong, those underachievers beat your boys five out of six last year. Swept you in your own house.

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