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And now, a commerical message

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PHOENIX — Cubs players got their first look Thursday at Piniella’s starring role in a bottled-water commercial in which he pitches a fit with an umpire, gets ejected, throws a base and then cools off with a cold bottle of water as he strolls off the field.

The commercial aired in the Cubs clubhouse Thursday afternoon, getting cheers and shouts -- ``Hey, Lou!’’ and ``That’s good [stuff] right there!’’ -- from the guys in the main part of the clubhouse as Piniella watched from his office while talking to beat writers.

``There you go,’’ he said, stopping his answer to a question and nodding toward the TV in his office. ``That’s what I needed [Wednesday] night, was some water when I went into the press room. Where was the Aquafina when I needed it?’’

As if on cue, closer Ryan Dempster poked his head in the office and said, ``That was beautiful.’’

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Lou will have to put something in that water after tonight's blunder.Tonight he left a pitcher in too long . Cubs doing what I predicted ,will be a quick exit from playoffs. Lethargic in dictionary should have pictures of Derrek lee, Ramirez & Soriano next to it. Lousy effort from a lot of highly paid players! After cubs are eliminated on Saturday or Sunday Hendry should be eliminated as GM!

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