At youth vote rally, Mike Huckabee says youth vote crucial, remarks on McCain and Palin

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Mike Huckabee made a surprise appearance Monday at a Republican youth vote luncheon at the Hard Rock Cafe -- introduced by daughter Sarah Huckabee who was scheduled to speak.

On McCain and Sarah Palin:
Sarah Palin got more votes in her election as mayor than Joe Biden did in his run for the presidency. Sarah Palin has more actual experience in making decisions in two years as a governor then Joe Biden as Senator.

John McCain is a remarkable human being and someone you should feel proud to support. I'm excited about Sarah Palin, I know the other party has nominated a woman, but we're going to be the party to elect one.

Huckabee said the current and future elections will have a significant impact among young voters, drawing increased interest today from the youth vote.

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In spite of the fact that Obama's 3:00am VP announcement was a direct, and not-so-subtle, slap at Hillary and her supporters for her Primary criticism of his notorious and painfully evident inexperience, the Clintons are ecstatic over Obama's pick of "Jawbone" Biden as his VP. A man who can speak eloquently ad-nauseam while saying absolutely nothing of substance. Biden, advertised as the brain-trust for the Obama ticket, is the same foreign policy "expert" who told the Israelis that they would have to passively accept a nuclear armed Iran, which of course would eventually guarantee the destruction of their Nation. The same individual who stated that the "Surge" was doomed to failure; and, who promoted the partitioning of Iraq into three separate nations, which would have precipitated a violent Iraqi civil war; and, assured the eventual incorporation of Shia Iraq into Iran. Sounds more like a single digit IQ than an expert! The McCain camp will certainly exploit Biden's former prolific praise of McCain; his multiple assertions that Obama was not sufficiently experienced to assume the Presidency; and, who correctly noted that the White House was not the proper venue for Obama's: "On-The-Job-Training". Obviously Obama was smart enough to recognize that he needed a "Handler" close-by 24/7; and, no-doubt has scheduled Biden for remedial training in diaper changing. It's a good time to invest in "Pampers". It's become apparent that Obama has some insidious need to constantly poke the Clintons in the eyes. One has to wonder if an "angry" Michelle Obama is prompting such responses! However, the Clinton's, astute in the way of politics, will simply re-enforce their base of supporters in preparation for a now certain 2012 bid. Greg Neubeck

Way to go Huckabee! Way to go Palin! They're two of my favorite politicians. They're rock-solid on each of the three legs of the conservative stool.

My daughter is so excited about Sarah Palin. We will elect John McCain and Sarah Palin and make history. Thanks for support Gov. Huckabee

Gotta love Huckabee. The Dems have to go through Daily Kos to put out their evil trash, the Republicans call a spade a spade with their leading representatives. Now it's time for you to whine, liberal babies

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