Lisa Madigan defends honor of Cubs fans after White Sox fan Barack Obama insults their baseball integrity on ESPN

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Lisa Madigan was quite ready to go spikes-up at Barack Obama at his convention after he impugned the honor of Cubs fans on ESPN, but she did say Cubs fans would have the last laugh. Obama told an ESPN reporter that everyone knows Sox fans are better baseball fans and all the Cubs followers care about is cold beer and hot bodies in the bleachers.

Madigan countered by saying that it's OK to have fun at the ballgame and, when it was pointed out that both the Democratic nominee for president and the Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, are huge Sox fans, she pointed out that after 99 years, Cubs fans are due for a big break.

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How'd that Cubs season end up? Oh yeah, right, at home watching the series like all of us.

I am a die hard cubs fan, and even though I didn't like Obama's biased comment, doesn't mean that i'm not going to support him. I don't think it's right to base his entire election on him saying all we are are beautiful beer drinkers. Man, I would rather be a beatiful beer drinker than a toothless fatty. If you are a real democrat and believe in what Obama wants to change, that's what you should base it on.

Plus, we know we are better fans than the white sox. Shoot, after 100 years, we're still here, millions strong. The sox bandwagon "fans" didn't start really coming out till they won the world series. I know die hard sox fans, and I give respect to any die hard fan since I am one myself. But, the ratio to die hard sox and cubs fans are incomparable. Go Obama! Go Cubs!!

And to HaHaYea Right...Survey is not spelled Servey....maybe you should think before trying to sound smart...typical sox fan

Cub fans - get a life. This is nothing different than what my friends and family say is good ribbing. The Sox are the best but if the Cubs make it to playoffs/series ALL of Chicago will be behind them! Hey Mark in Texas in Chicago we're democrats leave your republican rhetoric for George and the other failures of policy.

aren't there more important issues facing our country? However, as a Die-Hard Cub Fan, this tongue-in-cheek rivalry is nothing new. We will always love our Cubbies and Wrigley Field. Obama was humoring us and we should rise above it ... I agree with Lisa Madigan.

Doesn't he realize there are millions of Cubs fans across the country and we are deeply offended by his comments. I hope he loses anyone who was on the fence for what he said. We don't need a rookie leader and we don't need our taxes going up. You want some extra tax money....start dismantling some of the worthless government programs that are wasting billions of dollars.

A Servey was conducted after a cubs game and when asked what was the final score 62% of the people there replied I dont know

A Servey was conducted after a cubs game and when asked what was the final score 62% of the people there replied I dont know

Wrong, Lisa - Cubs Nation is offended! Each team has its share of partying fans, and Cubs fans are as serious, dedicated and knowledgeable as baseball fans get. Senator Obama's remarks were ignorant, offensive and just plain wrong - he obviously needs to question his prejudice and "profiling". Wrigley Field IS baseball in its purest form - no fancy screens, restaurant row, exploding scoreboards - just baseball the way it was meant to be played. I've just removed my "Obama '08" button from my "GO CUBS GO" tee-shirt!!!!

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