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I'm begging you! - Donation Please!!!

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As many of you know, I'm running the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Just a short 26 mile jaunt - mild compared to the journey through the rest of life!

To donate go to:

I'm running the marathon under the charity of "Girls in the Game."

What is it? Girls in the Game provides athletic direction to young girls living in the city and encourages them to move, grow strong and ultimately appreciate their bodies! In a world where childhood obesity is not only a risk for the child, but a drain on the health system, an organization like Girls in the Game helps teach sound values and promotes self-esteem. Learn more at

Why did I choose Girls in the Game as my champion charity? It is important to me that women - specifically daughters -grow up to be strong and healthy. Children in sports are taught physical endurance and discipline. Sports build routines and positive habits. These are the women I'd like to see run the country. On a personal level, I see my daughters blossom when involved in dance, when they bike with me, or run alongside - I want all girls to have that same opportunity. To feel proud of their bodies! Eventually I want to help shape a society that includes women in sporting discussions, activities, and events. Not feeling left out in a pick-up B-ball game or the Golf outing.

Please donate anything you can in behalf of my run to this great charity by going to: My Cause No amount is too small (no amount is too big!). If you donate over $25, I'll be making you a t-shirt that says Run Jen Run (if you would like it, see bottom of post) You can wear it to give me good Karma on 10-9 :) Also, every one who donates will have their name embroidered on my running shirt (seen below) and will cross the finish line with me!

Also, if you have no money to donate (understood!), please help me in thanking my parents for watching the kids during the long (and short) runs and send positive energy to my good friends who have listened to my trials, tribulations, gripes and groin explanations. I would not be continuing if it weren't for their encouragement - and that's a fact!
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