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On August 5th, it was a very warm day. After the heat, I decided to jog in the evening. When evening rolled around - it began to storm. Although I typically love to run in the rain, this was the thundering, windy, lightening type of storm that seems to be part of August this year. I opted to put in the quick 3 miles on the treadmill. Those miles were quick....

I hadn't run a treadmill since beginning to train for the marathon and all the mileage outdoors made the treadmill easy. So easy I picked up my pace - a lot. So easy that I finished quickly. So easy that I took extra time to perform some "deeper" stretches after the run.

Looking back, that was a mistake. While sitting in a big V on the ground I reached over to my toes and felt pain in my groin/inner thigh area. Thinking I was getting a good "deep" stretch, I held it for awhile. I'm not a stranger to yoga or stretching and I'm definitely not a stranger to my body - The pain felt strong, but not horrible.

I continued to run the following Wednesday and Thursday. I did my long run on Sunday, August 7th. My groin hurt during the run, but I pushed through it (again). I finished the 10 miles, sat down once, then couldn't walk after, it took me 4 hours of icing and aspirin before I could stand to take a shower. The pain was deep and this time - undeniable.

I took it easy the week of August 8th. I walked my miles on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday I half ran/half walked 4 miles. The pain reoccurred after those 4 miles. I have a torn groin muscle.

The week of August 14th I became depressed. I was mad at my body. I've had 2 kids, danced pointe, love bikram yoga, never broke a bone, always eat my wheaties. I've always trusted my body. When thinking about finishing the marathon, I've questioned my will power, but never, not once, my body.

I was injured.

So for 2-3 days I gave up. I gave my long run the middle finger. I sat. I didn't walk. I justified not being in the marathon. I chalked this up to an uncompleted task. A failure. I privately cried - I hate to cry.

And then - because it is my nature - my brain refused to stop thinking. I researched. This type of injury can have a long recovery time - but maybe there were things I could be doing while allowing the torn muscle to rest. I remembered the things I loved to do. Spin, yoga, walk. I took an intense spin class on Saturday - it felt good to sweat. It felt great not to have pain. I've been icing religiously. If it looks like I wet my pants - please don't point and laugh, it's from the ice. I'm trying to buy compression shorts now - and yes, they look like spanx - don't laugh at that either!!!

I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the marathon. But I'm sure done with giving up.

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That was very inspirational! Thank you.

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