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Wear and Tear

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This weekend involved a lot of heat and other words, all that talk of being prepared, patient and ready in my last blog post didn't extend past Thursday. We (me and my partner in crime "Mr. C") started out in Beverly watching a biking circuit race. It was one of the weirder events I've ever seen- a group of men going around a one-mile track in the middle of a quaint neighborhood 71 times. Clearly, as a spectator, you needed beer for an event like this - I did my duty.

The night was topped off at Mama Vesuvios, a bar with bocce ball and clown pictures in the bathroom hallway. Any establishment with clown pictures - automatically you know one must drink, I couldn't fail those clowns.

On, Saturday we took the kids to the White Sox game (be prepared to access your 401k, Miller Lite is $7.25) Traveling the blue line directly before and after a game is a marathon in itself. Add two kids into the mix and it's like sprinting miles. Next stop was Su Casa. I highly recommend their Margaritas-after 3 I was feeling pretty good. We eventually poured into a cab and fell asleep the minute our heads hit the bed.

On Sunday, the kids and I made the Metra trek back to home and got in at about 1 pm. With the encouragement of Mr. C and the graciousness of my dad, I finally rolled out the door by 2:30 for my run....


Why do I share the back story? Why - so you can commiserate of course!

The heat was terrible, it rolled from the ground like waves. My body craved water in a way only 2 nights of drinking can do. This run was all about pushing myself mentally. Yes I finished, but I think I may have made a deal with the Devil along the way. When I was done I had a blood blister under my toenail. I almost fainted while waiting in line at a store about an hour later (I ended up sitting in the middle of the store so I wouldn't go down). And my calves are screaming bloody hell.

Oddly, I enjoyed the weekend so much, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm already looking forward to my next run! Now just to remember what the Devil wants from me.

The Basics:
Todays Run: 10 miles
How was it: Horrific
Next Run: Tuesday, 3 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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Run baby run.

I am impressed and overcome with personal guilt about not going to my 6am yoga class this morning. I really have no excuse. This blog post might actually help me get there tomorrow... I said MIGHT, right? Whew! Hey, if you can run 10 miles after a weekend of drinking, I can go to a 6am yoga class... At least that is going to be my train of thought at 5am tomorrow morning.

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