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The Sweet Spot

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Today's run should have been like all of those proceeding it; Satisfying when they're over but still hard. In fact, the first 1.5 miles were just that - mouth open, heavy breathing, struggling for a good tempo.

At my third lap on a .75 mile track I closed my mouth and started to breathe through my nose.

Inhale - exhale.
Inhale - exhale.

This accomplishment may sound completely insignificant. But it signaled to me that I had found my sweet spot. A pace that I could maintain for a long distance or long time. I no longer was afraid of working anaerobically and burning myself out. Breathing through the nose forces the body to relax and it forced me to stay focused and alert. (As with anything, moderation is key - I've been taught that you have to switch up paces with some quick work to tear down the heart muscle and rebuild it.)

But for today, I reveled in the feeling - the remainder of the jog was done with my mouth closed. My sweet spot had slipped up on me like an out of the blue declaration of 'I love you'

The Basics:
Todays Run: 3 miles
How was it: Sweet!
Next Run: Wednesday, 5 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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