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Let me start off by saying...I'm an only child. Those adjectives you hear about only children - bratty, selfish, impatient - can sometimes be true. Throughout most of my life I've been impatient. When I want something, I want it right this gosh darn minute! Logically, choosing to run the Chicago Marathon is not within my basic personality wiring.

I've discovered that training takes an unimaginable amount of patience (along with a good deal of self-discipline). You need to plan out your long runs up to a week before. Do you have the water, clean clothes, playlists, socks, Vaseline, energy bar that you need? Are Grandma and Grandpa able to watch the kids? Can I drink the night before? What is the weather going to be like? How long is the track? Did my shoes dry out from running in the rain? The questions are endless and constant. Training is not made for impatient people.

But I'm a firm believer that we can change those traits we don't like about ourselves. It is the ability to reach above our instincts and environment that make us human. 5 weeks into training and I'm starting to reap the benefits. My pace is quicker, my legs feel stronger, and I'm less likely to talk myself out of a run. I'm prepared to go longer. I'll be honest, I'm proud of myself. And I respect the amount of patience I've needed to get here and - eventually - the marathon.

But don't you dare take my water bottle, because that's MINE!

The Basics:
Todays Run: 3 miles
How was it: Smooth, quick
Next Run: Saturday, 10 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game

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